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Unpacking Some Souvenirs for Marketers

Part 1 of 2 After traveling last week, I wanted to make sure I gave each of you some souvenirs from last week’s show (“Knotice-Went-to-eTail-West-and-I-All-I-Got-Was-This-Lousy-Shirt” is not quite my style). And as the word “souvenir” comes directly from the French word “to remember,” here instead are some tips and takeaways – real souvenirs – that […]

A Brief Recap from eTail 2011

As this year’s eTail West show comes to an end, retailers and marketers alike are heading back to their offices with plenty of useful and actionable information. Everything from mobile to email to multi-channel strategies were discussed this week. Knotice’s team was glad to be in attendance and has plenty of insight to share on […]

Angry Birds and Data-Based Platforms

Welcome to your sneak peak into the sessions of eTail West 2011, blogging live from just outside of Palm Springs. The morning opened with Paul Alfieri, VP of Marketing with Limelight Networks, discussing the challenges of creating effective multi-channel experiences, which means marketing to the “hyperconnected customer.” As we’ve mentioned here on the Lunch Pail […]

eTail West Preview

Tomorrow marks the beginning of eTail Palm Desert, also known as eTail West. This year’s event will focus on “what’s next” and latest trends in multi-channel e-commerce, enhancing the customer experience with a data-driven direct digital marketing approach, cross-channel campaign management, and more. Executives from top retail brands like GameStop, Brookstone, OfficeMax and Urban Outfitters […]

PURLS Gone Wild

One slick way to bring together online and offline marketing channels is with the use of PURLs (or “personalized URLs”). These individualized web experiences are a way for marketers to extend the personalization, segmentation and measurement inherent in direct digital marketing, addressable from, say, an email or a direct mail piece. (Read more about PURLs […]

Mobile, Facebook Messaging & Email Marketing

Part 2 of 2 On Monday as I recapped the Email Evolution Conference, I started with social media as one of the three takeaways from the event. To review, these three represented the three important dynamics that clearly are impacting everybody in the room. These are themes that everyone at the conference can take back […]

Social Media’s Role in Email Marketing

Part 1 of 2 The Email Evolution Conference offers the pulse of an industry, so I’ll do my best to recap the highlights based on the themes and debate-stirring topics from the sessions and conversations during this multi-day industry event. Gauging by the atmosphere, there are clearly three important dynamics that are impacting everybody in […]

Mobile Web Made Easy? See for Yourself

Yesterday, eMarketer released fresh statistics on the rate of smartphone adoption in the U.S., predicting that by 2015, the number of smartphone users will climb from 60.2 million users (end of 2010) to a whopping 109.5 million users in 2015. That’s big. But the really interesting part is about usage patterns, that the time spent […]

A Lesson in Email Marketing

Brides are like many other specific consumer segments. And as a bride-to-be myself, I’ve learned a lot about wedding planning. What I wasn’t expecting to learn, however, was an array of bad email marketing tactics still in use today. Let me set the stage: I was looking forward to attending a bridal trade-show-style event so […]

Super Bowl Ads: A Mobile Analysis

Recently, I posted some commentary stemming from some analysis of last year’s über-expensive ad spots and their majority lack of mobile options to extend consumer-brand engagement. I also pointed out that not having an on-brand, relevant destination for them would seem to me to be ROI suicide – that 23 of 27 brands with ads […]