Monthly Archives: September 2013

Wise Words on Content Marketing

I love content marketing. So imagine my schoolgirl giddiness when I had the chance to attend the one and only Content Marketing World this week in Cleveland. With so much excellent content about, well, content, I chose to focus this post on some interesting nuggets of wisdom from Jay Baer from the Tuesday morning opening […]

Fun Facts on Big Data 2013

With the explosion of information being gathered and used, it’s time to take a fresh look at even more fun facts on Big Data. Enjoy! 4.4 million – The number of jobs that Big Data demand will reach by 2015 (Gartner Research). 42% – Percentage of marketers surveyed in early 2013 who have or who […]

Do Not Track Update – September 2013

In my last Do Not Track post, I mentioned the resignation of Jonathan Mayer from the Track Protection Working Group. Mayer’s resignation comes after years of a standstill at the W3C. The end of August saw yet another key resignation from the group – that of Peter Swire. Swire, the co-chair of the group resigned […]

5 Basic Cookie Questions Answered

1. What exactly is a Cookie? Tracking or browser cookies offer true convenience to the online experience. Cookies provide a way to capture a consumer’s behaviors and preferences to provide a better or more relevant experience the next time they interact with the brand. They are tiny encrypted text files used by websites to detect […]

5 Interesting Reads for This Week

1. Marketers, do you know your DMPs? In this article from Adage Kate Kaye takes a look at the findings from Forrester’s recent Wave Report on data management platforms. 2. Another Blow to the Do Not Track Working Group: On the heels of Jonathan Mayer’s resignation from the Do Not Track Working Group comes the […]