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Presidential Campaigning the Digital Way

Believe it or not, the current presidential race is only the second to heavily use the mobile channel. The use of mobile exploded during 2008’s election, with Barack Obama’s marketing team announcing his vice president selection via text message, and the use of candidate iPhone apps. Fast forward to 2012, and the use of mobile […]

Ways to Architect Messaging Experiences

Marketers have evolved into messaging architects. We create the foundation for the brand, building its image message by message, brick by brick, via email, mobile, social, website content and display advertising. Just as the introduction of steel girders brought about the era of the skyscraper, aligning your messaging channels into a unified approach supports the […]

How to Create Effective Forms and Surveys

Polls and surveys are commonly used by marketers to help track trends and test campaign concepts. Done well and they can provide valuable insight. But there are some challenges: People lie; language used is often “leading” or slanted; and sometimes the person is simply telling you what they think you want to hear instead of […]

Key Questions for No-Limits Mobile Strategy

Recently, a colleague and I had a good meeting with a brand marketer. I refer to it as good, not because it advanced to a real business opportunity. I say good because it brought to the surface some of the core elements to how brands should be approaching mobile today. These elements are based on […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Online Marketers

What are goals marketers might want to add to their list of resolutions, or things to start doing in 2011 so they perform better? Here’s what the Lunch Pail team had to say: Chris: “Online marketers should update their privacy policies to be current and include opting out of web tracking, and make sure these […]

User-Generated Content Matters

I will guess that many of you who read this post’s headline muttered, "duh" under your breath. And, you're right. The statement is seemingly self-evident. There are very smart people, however, who are still skeptical that user-generated content matters. If you ever find yourself in an argument with a marketer who dislikes user-generated content (yes, […]

Dangerous Extremes in Marketing Analysis

Mass marketing is dead. Direct mail is dead. Email marketing is dead. A quick Google search, with each phrase in quotations, yielded 7,050 results, 3,850 results, and 44,300 results respectively. Two quick conclusions can be drawn when analyzing these results. First, the huge disparity between email marketing’s perceived death and the others makes me wonder […]

Auntie Anne’s Cross Channel Marketing Forgets User

In the rapidly evolving world of direct digital marketing it often pays for marketers to sit back and ask themselves some important questions when considering what type of direct digital marketing campaign makes sense for their business. Given the three primary direct digital channels of Web, mobile, and email it is especially important to ask […]

2010 Forrester Marketing Forum, Adapt and Connect

I am excited to say that the 2010 version of the Forrester Marketing Forum is once again upon us. The theme stringing this year's content together is "adaptive marketing" - that is, the idea that a marketing organization must be lithe, constantly adapting its practices to the ever-changing preferences and location of the consumer. As […]

More Trend Spotting: Direct Digital Marketing in 2010

Happy New Year, Lunch Pailers! If you are taking a break between football games, thanks for stopping by. On Wednesday I unveiled the first of what I promised would be two interesting trends to evaluate and watch for in direct digital marketing for 2010. The first was the complete mobile marketing solution, rather than the […]