Monthly Archives: November 2009

Un-Abandoning the Shopping Cart

How often have you been shopping in a store and just flat left your cart full of stuff and walked out? Maybe once or twice, but probably not that often. Yet, shoppers do it all the time when they are shopping online. What's the difference? Chances are, when you are in the bricks-and-mortar store, you […]

Mark Winslow - Building Bridges, Connecting People

What do you get when you add 12 years of IT experience with a diverse background that includes everything from working on environmental compliance software to developing a controls system to automating the process of brewing beer? That’s easy - you get Knotice's newest Web Applications Developer, Mark Winslow. Wanting to get into a fresher, […]

Smartphone Wars: Droid Has Arrived

The title of this article reflects what the banner ads proclaim. In the sense that "arrived" means the Droid is available, yes, definitely, they are available. In the sense that "arrived" means the Droid is coming into its own? Perhaps … if you can tell a Droid from an Android from a Chrome. The interesting […]

Shoppers Scaling Back Online Shopping in 2009?

The headline for this article is exactly the type of headline all eRetailers and click and mortar companies are seeking to avoid this time of year. With Black Friday and the increasingly important Cyber Monday creeping closer, the thought of holiday shoppers uses the online channel less this season is worrisome. With less than a […]

Knotice and Closing the Digital Divide

The Lunch Pail, and Knotice, are 100 percent focused on the application and evolution of direct digital marketing in order to advance the business-to-customer relationship in a more relevant, accountable way. To that end, the wide adoption of certain technologies pertaining to direct digital marketing is also an interest of ours because it is beneficial […]

Making Sense of Mobile Tagging

Mobile tagging is a category term for the creation and rendering of a two-dimensional bar code that is link to an online experience, accessed through a mobile device. There are two basic types of mobile tagging solutions. I will go into greater depth in a forthcoming column for the MMA, but here is a quick […]

Holiday eRetail: Reach Women with Relevance

I have an iPhone. Therefore, I am an AT&T customer. As a result AT&T has added me to their email distribution list, and I now am on the receiving end of several email tactics. My favorite (and not for a good reason) are the acquisition tactics. I receive offers to bundle additional AT&T services: home […]

Better Email with Usability and A/B Testing

I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to usability. I really get excited about the idea of tweaking a page to get just the right response… and learning why it works. When I overheard someone here at Knotice talking about an eye track study and heat maps, my ears perked up. Turns […]

The Difference: SMS versus Twitter

One of my prevailing themes on The Lunch Pail is untangling marketer confusion within the very broad topic of "mobile marketing." One source of confusion - perhaps we can call it a "misconception" - is common enough to address here in detail. Many marketers misunderstand, or do not see a distinction between, the micro-blogging social […]

Duane Reade's Sweet Mobile Campaign

One of the newest additions to the growing Knotice family of customers, Duane Reade, is using Knotice's on-demand marketing software to ask New Yorkers an important question: How do you like your cookies? For those of you who may not know, Duane Reade is the most recognized drugstore chain in metropolitan New York, with more […]