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Data Management: Taming the Beast

By now we’ve all been familiarized with the latest industry buzzword – Big Data. But unlike other buzzwords, the term “Big Data” is pretty straightforward. More customers are online, doing more things and giving marketers an ever-increasing amount of data (activity, preferences, purchases, page views, posts, ect.) to work with. While it may be easy […]

How Predictive Modeling Works

Wrapping up our focus on predictive modeling this week, Jeff and Sophia share some more insight into how predictive modeling works. If you missed parts 1 and 2, check them out here and here. If you have questions for Jeff and Sophia, let us know below and they’ll be in a future post. We Know […]

When to Use Predictive Modeling

In our previous predictive modeling post, we explored how it works and what the difference is between predictive modeling and analytics. Now that you’re enlightened on how predictive modeling works, here are some more tips from our resident data pros, Jeff and Sophia on when it’s best to use it. If you have any data […]

An Introduction to Predictive Modeling

For marketers just starting to put their feet into the pool of big data, the slew of tactics, techniques, and volume of data can be overwhelming. So, to get more information on how some of the aspects of big data work and what you need to know, I sat down with Jeff and Sophia from […]

The Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Data Management

10. Data makes you smarter… even when you’re surprised your tests did what they did. 9. Data makes you stronger… backing up your hunches with real numbers and trends. 8. Data makes you richer… higher ROI for the work you do means everybody wins. 7. Data makes you frugal… reduce your marketing spend by knowing […]

A Tale of Customer Data Use Gone Wrong

I recently booked a trip using one of the major travel sites. I was very excited and already packing my bags until I noticed one minor flaw in my confirmation email: I didn’t have hotel confirmation number for the hotel I had booked. Now, booking travel is something I do on a regular basis for […]

Big Data and Deer Hunting

As calls for the adoption of data-driven marketing methodologies continue, for marketers, it can be a little intimidating. I mean, you have the data… you’re already probably using your data in a limited sense to properly chunk your list into sensible groups for loosely targeted messaging and advertising. The difference between using your basic reporting […]

The Data Collection Fear: Is it Realistic?

Ever since it was revealed last week that the NSA has been tracking millions of Americans’ cell phone records and Internet data, people have been up in arms – more so than usual. The generation that posts nearly every move they make to social networks now seems to want more privacy. And now it seems […]

Data is at the Heart of Marketing’s Future

As technology allows more and more consumers to become “always addressable,” marketers must also evolve. The evolution of technology and consumer expectations is pushing marketing toward being what McKinsey & Company describes as “on demand.” According to a recent article from McKinsey, things such as better designed online spaces, growth of mobile connectivity, and advances […]

Webinar Recap: Customer Centric Tips

If you missed yesterday’s webinar “Reaching Today’s Customer Requires a Revamp of Current Data Practices” featuring special guest Joanna O’Connell from Forrester Research, no worries.You can access the full playback from the here. Here are some highlights from concepts tweeted during the live webinar event (#DataRevamp): Consumers are savvier than ever before. They use more […]