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Email Subject Lines: Make an Impression on Mobile

In my last post, I took a look at what you need to know about how email subject lines render on mobile devices. Today, I’m going to outline how you can make sure your value proposition get across when viewed on mobile. The pre-header – you get a second chance. The old saying goes that […]

How Email Subject Lines Render on Mobile Devices

We have been, and will be paying a lot of attention to rendering of email on mobile devices as we continue to see increases in the use of mobile devices to engage email. As we look at the whole experience, though, we don’t want to neglect anything, including the subject line. We know subject lines […]

Get Trigger Happy with Follow up Emails

After sending a newsletter or sales email, don’t let the conversation stop there. Based on what links your customers have clicked, you now know more about their interests and you can continue the conversation with a more focused triggered email message. Use the powerful segment builder within the Knotice platform to leverage email activity and […]

Presidential Campaigning the Digital Way

Believe it or not, the current presidential race is only the second to heavily use the mobile channel. The use of mobile exploded during 2008’s election, with Barack Obama’s marketing team announcing his vice president selection via text message, and the use of candidate iPhone apps. Fast forward to 2012, and the use of mobile […]

Points of Impact from

If you didn’t have time to fly into Denver last week for, no worries. I took lots of notes in the sessions to share with you. Here are a handful of highlights, takeaways and lessons learned. (It’s almost like being there. And if you want more, you can go here – to watch video […]

Retail Info from Mobile Email Opens Report H1 2012

Today’s digital consumer is increasingly “on.” Having the right data can help retailer marketers better reach the hyper-connected consumer for stronger ROI. Our data from our mobile email opens report for first half 2012 shows a number of mobile email retail trends. (If you haven’t seen it yet, get your free copy here.) To give […]

Snapshots from the Road: 2012

The Knotice team just returned from another great annual summit. As Patti mentioned in a previous post, the energy in the Denver convention center was electric. We’ll have some more posts from the show with tips and takeaways soon, but for now I’d like to share some photos from the show floor. Enjoy!

Money is in the Data, this year in Denver, brings together thousands of people interested in online retail success. From the show floor to the speakers, the ideas and energy is enough to light up the Rocky Mountain sky. Of the many sessions and keynotes heard, it’s probably not a surprise that Bryan Eisenberg was among my favorite presenters. […]

Surprising Email CTR by OS

On Thursday, we released our latest Mobile Email Opens Report for H1 2012. The report is chockfull of valuable data and tips on mobile email activity, open rates, popular devices and more. In the process of creating the report, our team slices and dices loads of data to compile the information within. With our focus […]

Knotice’s Mobile Email Opens Report for H1 of 2012

The latest version of our Mobile Email Opens Report for the First Half of 2012 was released today and it’s loaded with useful data and stats on mobile email activity, open percentages within hours of sending, the most popular devices for checking email, tablet usage, time of day, and more. The report is based on […]