Monthly Archives: May 2008

From Guitar Licks to Mouse Clicks

Knotice’s Ron Williams has done it all. He’s lived the Rock & Roll lifestyle, toured the country and promoted his various musical endeavors throughout the years. When he joined the band Lazarus as a guitarist, Ron and his band-mates traveled across the Midwest, playing shows and promoting their three albums, Greased & Primed, Miss B. […]

Governing the Internet, BT Edition, Volume 1

The debate about businesses using behavioral targeting (BT) technology in their online marketing rages in Internet marketing circles, the vertical press and the various governing bodies from state legislatures to the Federal Trade Commission. BT comes in all shapes and forms, today I’m speaking to the impact on affiliate networks. I previously discussed the New […]

Couponing and A Down Economy, Part 2

This is the second entry of a two-part series examining different online marketing strategies and tactics in a struggling economy. I recently read a Forrester Research case study profiling one of the primary competitors of the previously referenced restaurant chain I worked with years ago. This brand built customer loyalty and 13 years of consecutive […]

Couponing and A Down Economy, Part 1

This is the first entry of a two-part series examining different online marketing strategies and tactics in a struggling economy. The economic climate today means folks are conspicuously tiptoeing around the big “R” word – recession. Marketers everywhere are battling to maintain, if not grow, their share of the consumer’s shrinking pocketbook. This climate reminds […]

All Roads Lead to Convergence

If you’ve been paying attention to some of the news in the telecommunications and mobile industries lately, you’ve no doubt heard about Sprint-Nextel, Intel, Google, Time Warner Cable, and a few other big players jumping in to bed together in the Clearwire deal. These are strange bedfellows. So, what brings a wireless carrier, a chip […]

Governing the Internet, Targeting Edition

Some call it interference, some call it regulation, some call it guidance and some call it pointless. Whatever the perspective, it’s impossible to avoid government involvement in commerce, especially as it relates to the Internet. Occasionally I’ll try and provide some insight on how all levels of government, primarily Federal and State, are becoming increasingly […]

Targeting scenes and frames in Flash from a web page

Today we're going a little technical. We recently launched a new Flash overview of our software platform on We have a bunch of great information in the flash presentation. As a result, we want to "link" to specific scenes and frames from a web page, allowing visitors to drill directly into sections they're interested […]

Marketing Project Management Tips

Project Management. For many the term conjures up images of set-in-concrete time lines supported by highly regimented milestones and minutely detailed tasks. A traditional technical project, like an intercontinental ballistic missile, has a well-defined team of highly technical engineers and a formal development process. Managing technical projects for marketers is very different. If you're building […]

A Face on your Marketing Decisions

I had the good fortune to attend a workshop on creating personas presented by Forrester Research. I won’t steal anyone’s thunder by talking about the particulars here, though we discussed the “how’s” and the “what’s” of effective, quality persona creation. Needless to say, the folks at Forrester provide a worthwhile workshop. A couple of the […]

Knotice's Joe Minadeo Goes Hollywood

If you've ever been to a THX certified theater, or any of the Star Wars movies, then you're familiar with the amazing sound introduction at the beginning of the opening credits. Whether you know about THX or not, our very own Joe Minadeo has an intimate knowledge. Voted Cleveland Scene's “Best Beatmaker” in 2006, Minadeo […]