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Privacy Update: The Latest News

The last few weeks have seen several developments on the privacy front: everything from Google’s new privacy policy to the White House offering privacy guidelines. Let’s start with Google and its new privacy policy. Google has officially rolled out its new privacy policy despite protests from consumers and politicians alike. Announced in January, Google informed […]

My Two Cents About Privacy Realities

The age of information has brought heightened sensitivity over privacy. And while many concerns are valid (especially those to protect children), I see a growing hysteria building over the sharing personal information of any kind. One wonders if phone companies today would be permitted to introduce the concept of a “phone book” today (a publically […]

Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2011

No sooner did I provide a roundup of Do Not Track news, than did Senators John Kerry and John McCain introduce a new privacy bill aimed at addressing the privacy of both online and offline data. The Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2011 calls for the creation of a set of rules that […]

Do Not Track Updates and Resources

Phil the Groundhog may not have seen a shadow this morning in Punxsutawney, PA — but one looms over the industry with the ongoing debate about online privacy. Since its introduction in late 2010, the Do Not Track proposal by the federal government has drawn both ire and praise from marketers, consumers, advertisers and lawmakers. […]

A Behavioral Targeting Roundup

Behavioral targeting has been making headlines a lot recently. With all the news surrounding behavioral targeting, here’s a roundup of resources to provide The Lunch Pail readers with a deeper understanding of issues related to the topic. The Wall Street Journal is in the midst of a series studying behavioral targeting and digital privacy called […]

Privacy Law and Direct Digital Marketing Update

The rapid evolution of direct digital marketing, fueled by an intense reliance on data quality and capture, has entangled privacy and marketing, and drawn the attention of powerful lawmakers. It is wise to keep an eye out for any consumer privacy developments on Capitol Hill - especially when the developments may have an impact on […]

Self-Regulation Winning Ongoing BT Battle

As reported by ClickZ, and a number of other industry publications, the much anticipated legislation designed to govern data privacy within online advertising has arrived in the House of Representatives in the form of the "Boucher Bill." Those who back robust rules about data use will likely not be pleased. The displeasure will likely be […]

Statistically Proving Onsite Targeting Value

As behavioral targeting continues to grow in both practice and popularity - both in onsite and network form - it is interesting to reflect on the fact that very little measurement has been done to provide statistical evidence of success. So, it is easy to see why today's eMarketer newsletter is getting some buzz. According […]

Targeting Without Complexity

Without examining the various complexities of behavioral targeting it is clear to all onlookers that it is valuable to marketers. For proof, look no further than the imbalanced attention the technologies get from various government bodies and institutions. Marketers know targeting technologies help them make money, and government regulators know that marketers may abuse the […]

Onsite Targeting's Safe Effectiveness

The debate about the value of all types of behavioral targeting continues to rage in the Beltway. One extremely interesting article published last week by ClickZ's Kate Kaye does some digging into how Capitol Hill works as it pertains to this hot issue in the online marketing space. Kaye uncovers the work being done by […]