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Takeaways from The Cable Show, Part 2

Last time, I took a look at three takeaways from last week’s The Cable Show. Here are three more talking points, takeaways and more from the show. 4. Power of the second screen First, a definition of terms. In many traditional circles the “first” screen is the silver screen of the movie theater, with the […]

Takeaways from The Cable Show, Part 1

Last week was The Cable Show, an event held by the NCTA (National Cable & Telecommunications Association) in Boston, which promises once per year to be the nexus of the cable and broadband universe from both a technology and a media perspective. As the folks at the NCTA will have you believe, “cable” (a term […]

Snapshots of CTAM in New York

Like Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) shows past, this year’s CTAM Summit did not disappoint. From the heart of New York City, the two-day event last week was packed full of valuable information specific to marketers from MSOs, channel operators, and others. The lineup of industry influencers was impressive, and it was fantastic […]

CTAM: The Age of Multichannel Digital Marketing

I was impressed to find that last week’s CTAM Summit (Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing) provided a healthy amount of digital content that I felt was lacking in years past. The message seemed to be that the importance of digital marketing has finally been embraced by both the cable marketers as well as the […]

Focusing Your Direct Digital Marketing

Connecting with customers with a relevant message is key to growing any business. It’s why a complete direct digital marketing strategy is so valuable. So, as an example, let’s take a look at how cable companies (aka multiple system operators, or MSOs) can use direct digital marketing effectively. Think about the products offered by MSOs […]

Agency Shifts Underscore Mobile Competition

For another sign in a seemingly endless number of signs that mobile marketing is extremely important to the future of marketing and advertising read about what is happening in the ongoing advertising battle between the two largest wireless carriers in the U.S., AT&T and Verizon. AT&T spent $1.87 billion on media that used actor Luke […]

Direct Digital Marketing and Cable's 3 Screens

The annual CTAM (Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing) Summit wrapped this week. A central theme of the CTAM Summit is the discussion of the "TV Everywhere" concept. TV - in its current definition - has to adapt. Competition from the Web - where video content is available anytime through Hulu, YouTube, and thousands of […]

Onsite Targeting Gives Little Wins, Big Success

The annual CTAM (Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing) Summit has kicked off in Denver as of yesterday. The CTAM Summit in a phrase: Hundreds of very smart folks gathering to strategize and plan for marketing their broadband, cable, and telecommunications services to the masses. Every marketer needs a strategy. Strategy guides us through the […]

Automated Tune-In Promotions Are as Easy as 1-2-3

One of the exciting stories Knotice will be telling at the upcoming CTAM Summit in Denver is the marketer-friendly solution for creating and launching highly automated tune-in promotions through both the email and mobile channels. Tune-in promotions make a lot of sense for both the marketer - whether the marketer is an Operator or a […]

Cable and Bundle Building Is All About LIFT

We all work very hard, day-in and day-out, trying to improve our marketing and promotions. Rarely, however, do we get to point to very clear, exceptional results that definitively indicate a resounding success. I feel fortunate to have had the pleasure to be a small part of a project that turned out to be a […]