Monthly Archives: September 2010 The Multichannel Consumer

This year’s Annual Summit is officially underway in Dallas. One of the highlights of the first day was the opening keynote by Urban Outfitters CEO Glen Senk. Senk noted that today’s consumers are increasingly multichannel, adding that those who shop across three channels are likely to spend six times as much as consumers that […]

2D Tag Advantages and Considerations

The Third in a Three-Part Series Last week Dutch shed some light on the concept behind the 2D tagging solution we recently deployed for Canon. Todd followed that up with insight on site design for a mobile experience. Now let’s dig into why this solution works in this case, and things you should consider when […]

Tips on Mobile Site Design

The Second in a Three-Part Series When it comes to creating an online experience viewed through a mobile device, what’s old is new again. In fact, things have come full circle. Back in the 90s when Web site design was relatively new, the mantra was content first, design second. It’s interesting how the same holds […]

Connection at the Point of Decision

The First in a Three-Part Series The concept is easy here. How do we connect a shopper in a retail environment with product information that will help them make their decision? Connecting meatspace and virtual space has been a rare jewel to be sought since the birth of the Internet. There have been some famously […]

Knotice at the 2010 Annual Summit

The end of September is just around the corner, and that means the Annual Summit is quickly approaching. This year’s Summit will take place September 27-29 in Dallas. With all the exciting things Knotice will be involved in at the event, our team is really looking forward to attending. If you’ll be attending, make […]

Mobile Buyflow Using Device-Optimized Templates

In Dutch’s most recent post, he discussed email on the third screen. I’d like to follow that up by talking about the shopping experience through a mobile device, otherwise known as “mobile buyflow.” Industry best practices dictate the importance of making a user’s Web page encounter as efficient and useful as possible per browser and […]

Email on the Third Screen

How many of your email recipients opened your last email on an iPhone — or HTC Droid Incredible, Blackberry Storm, Apple iPad, or other mobile device? If you don’t know, you certainly should. In today’s mobile universe, the “third screen” is an important part of our online experience. But how many of us who focus […]

Checking In: Facebook Places Demystified

Checking in… It’s not just for hotels anymore. It’s for gyms, coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and even your own house. Facebook introduce Facebook Places a few weeks ago allowing users to check into their current locations from Facebook. Some people think they may be late to the game, but there is no denying that […]

Mobile Marketing Experts Agree on the Fundamentals

Last week I was privileged to join a panel discussion with some of my very knowledgeable colleagues in the mobile marketing industry at Mobile Marketer’s Mobile Marketing Holiday Summit in NYC. In the session prior to the panel discussion, Tom Davis from Kenneth Cole gave a very compelling keynote address on what their brand has […]

2D Tagging in the US

Last time (see Global Trends in 2D Tagging), I talked about 2D tagging and its popularity in some Asian cultures. I get a lot of questions from clients and prospects here in the US about how they can make 2-Dimensional Bar Code (2D) technologies work for them. While many pundits may argue otherwise, if conditions […]