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Twitter and Takeaways from the Marketing Forum

I have a number of general thoughts and impressions from Forrester Research's Marketing Forum this year. First of all, it was sparsely populated. Any regular attendee or solution provider on the trade show circuit knows what an energy filled show feels like… and this was not one of them. Obviously, the lack of travel budgets […]

What's Included in the Online Marketing Suite?

I always enjoy attending trade shows, and Forrester's 2009 Marketing Forum was no exception. From a strategic standpoint it's interesting for me to see how other competitive companies are positioning their solutions, it's nice to have the chance to chat with a few research analysts I respect, and I always enjoy a good conversation. Here […]

Relevance Plays A Big Role in Future Marketing

Of all of the speakers/panel discussion at Forrester Research's 09 Marketing Forum, the panel entitled, "The Future of Media." It was led by David Card, formerly a principal analyst with Jupiter (now with Forrester), and the rest of the panel included Greg Clayman, the EVP of Digital Distribution and Business Development for MTV Networks, Annis […]

Purchasing Technology In A Risky Climate

I'll just clear something up right away - this is a self-serving post because it discusses something I think everyone should do… purchase great marketing technology. Vice President and Senior Research Analyst at Forrester Research, Shar VanBoskirk, took time in her keynote address this morning to help those listening understand their own risk factors - […]

Marketers: Innovate Now Despite Risk

The title of this post is the theme that VP and Senior Forrester Research Analyst Shar VanBoskirk struck upon her opening keynote at the 2009 Forrester Research Marketing Forum. Inherently, that is a risky posture to take when so many budgets are getting clamped down. Innovation requires investment - and time - and many cannot […]

Forrester Marketing Forum - Kicking It Off

Two things became clear from Christine Spivey-Overby’s opening comments to the 2009 Forrester Marketing Forum. One, “It’s harder than ever for you to get out to conferences,” she said, addressing the crowd. This is a backhanded comment on the current economic conditions, and a theme she continued with throughout her brief opening talk. Two, she […]

Preview: Forrester's 2009 Marketing Forum

This year's Marketing Forum from Forrester Research has a timely topic - the economy. Specifically, how to use the economic downturn to your advantage as a marketer. Generally, I really like this theme because as lousy as the economic news is sometimes, it truly is an opportunity to create some great marketing initiatives and learn […]

The State of Mobile Couponing Is…

Recently, a couple of stories popped up in the media concerning the long-awaited emergence of mobile couponing solutions that allow consumers to search newspapers and circulars for savings - as we are accustomed to doing - then use our mobile devices to "clip" those coupons virtually (no real scissors involved) and redeem in-store with a […]

Knotice, Hospitality, and Forrester's Marketing Forum

It's been awhile since I've given an update on Knotice and our humble blog. First, thanks to all the folks who are new subscribers, who follow us on Twitter, and who stop by for the insight. Our page views continue to go up, and we all appreciate it. Hopefully April stays on track to be […]

Spam Is In The Eye of the Beholder(s)

I came across an article the other day in the New York Times Bits, reporting that global spam traffic has crept back up to about 94% of all email volume, after a steep decline last year attributed to the shut-down of a rogue ISP. 94% of all email volume equates to a large body of […]