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Trend Spotting: Direct Digital Marketing in 2010

Over the next two installments of The Lunch Pail, I will provide some foundation for two of the more promising trends in direct digital marketing. I first mentioned the recently published retail interactive marketing research from Forrester’s Shar VanBoskirk on Monday, specifically detailing the valuable roles of personalization and relevance in direct digital marketing. One […]

Personal Direct Digital Marketing

We write a great deal about the retail industry here at The Lunch Pail. The retail industry is a major player in the world of direct digital marketing because it acts as "the establishment" within the direct digital marketing user group. In fact, according to a recently released report on retail interactive marketing from Forrester […]

Spread Holiday Cheer, Resolve Customer Complaints

Those of you who are regular readers of The Lunch Pail are aware that we try and pay special attention to good research that is published about the online and direct marketing industry, since direct digital marketing is a natural fusion of the best qualities in both. Good research comes from a variety of sources, […]

Knotice in USA Today, Mobile Marketer

It stands to reason that soon after I communicate some recent press clippings for The Lunch Pail’s roster of writers that more emerge, and my hand is forced again. This time some major national publications join the ranks of the various industry publications gathering opinions from our experts. Again displaying the flexibility of the direct […]

Behavioral Targeting Update, Battlefield Media

Back in the middle of the summer I highlighted one of the rounds in the fight over behavioral targeting, specifically the well-organized effort by a consortium of companies to impose enough self-regulation on the more invasive form of network behavioral targeting. The seven best practices the group released were led off by The Education Principal, […]

Hospitality and Direct Digital Marketing

As a growing number of companies adopt direct digital marketing as a cornerstone to the overall marketing strategy, an interesting development has occurred. While some are using email, onsite targeting, or mobile marketing as individual elements of a strategy or campaign, the greatest benefit of direct digital marketing happens when all three channels are used […]

Use Targeting To Boost Loyalty

A recently published eMarketer report quantified the value of email loyalty programs for consumer packaged goods companies. The report revealed some amazing numbers that beg two questions. First, why are there still companies not using email as a loyalty and retention tool? Second, why aren’t companies doing more to expand email loyalty programs or extend […]

Knotice Recognized For Rapid Growth

On Friday I wrote about how Knotice has contributed a great deal of content to media publications in a variety of different industries and coverage areas. It is exciting that outlets from the Mobile Marketing Association to The E-Commerce Times have recognized not just the thought-leadership provided by the industry insiders on Knotice's company roster, […]

Knotice Meets The Press - Again!

Some of the writers here at The Lunch Pail are often asked to contribute their expertise to myriad publications on a variety of direct digital marketing, marketing, and software topics. Recently our writers have contributed to many different publications on a wide range of topics. In case you missed any of these articles, they are […]

Trend Spotting: CPG and Direct Digital Marketing

E-Marketer released an interesting report this week entitled, CPG Marketers Go Digital at Point of Sale. Normally this concept would not find its way onto the menu of topics at The Lunch Pail given our focus on direct digital marketing and its primary channels of email, Web, and mobile. However, the last of the communications […]