Monthly Archives: December 2011

Top Direct Digital Marketing Posts of 2011

2011 has been full of interesting developments in the direct digital marketing industry: The Do Not Track concept continued to be a hot topic among marketers, consumers and privacy advocates, Verizon finally got its hands on the iPhone, and AT&T made a failed attempt to acquire T-Mobile. It’s also been a great year here at […]

Industry News Update

As the year comes to a close and marketers are scrambling to wrap up the holiday season and plan for the coming year, here’s an industry news roundup to help you keep on top of the happenings in the marketing world. There never seems to be any shortage of mobile news, so let’s start there. […]

Knotice Opens Seattle Office

Since the start, Knotice has been consistently recognized as a fast-growing award-winning company (most recently #8 on the 2011 Weatherhead 100, among others). 2011 was no exception. To keep up with increasing demand for our direct digital marketing software and services, this year we’ve added over 30 more people to our Knotice family – all […]

Santa Automates Naughty List

With each passing year, it seems Santa gets busier and busier. He’s gone from receiving and answering letters to managing his own Twitter feed, Facebook page, and sending SMS alerts about his Christmas Eve campaign. Juggling all the advancements in technology, keeping his naughty and nice lists up to date and fielding numerous gift requests […]

Best and Worst Gifts for Techies

In the midst of Hanukkah and almost to Christmas, our Knotice family weighed in on the “Best” and “Worst” (or most useless) gifts for techies. Their gift-giving advice (and humble opinions) follow. From Bill: Best: A gift subscription to Spotify. For a mere $9.99/month, you can have unlimited access to all of the great music […]

What’s a Facebook Super Opt-In Worth?

A friend at work told me about For $18/month visitors can get unlimited access to instructional yoga videos. I went to their site and decided to register with my Facebook account. This is what they asked for: If providing an email address is a traditional opt-in, this is the equivalent of a super opt-in. […]

Job Growth in Akron

We’ve said it before: Akron is a great place to call home. And The Fiscal Times seems to agree. Earlier this month, the publication named Akron the second best place in the United States to find a job. “Akron moved up seven notches to earn its second-place slot after a number of major companies that […]

Breaking News on Mobile Innovations

Yesterday saw the introduction of a couple of potential game changers in the mobile world. One represents a maturation of the mobile connection technologies; the other is a seismic shift in your brand’s ability to get the right ad to the right people at the right time and (now) in the right place. Add into […]

Easy Photoshop Tips for Marketers

Let’s assume we’re building a holiday email, want to include a stock photo of Santa Claus in the design and choose the image pictured to the right. Since Santa will most likely be repurposed on a landing page and a separate, direct mail piece, we’ll download a large, high-quality version that can effectively be resized […]

Gadgets – The Most Fun Gift to Give, Part 1

Holiday shopping can be a grueling experience. Finding the right gift, in the right color and size can seem almost impossible. And, let’s face it…it’s just not a lot of fun. But shopping for gadgets? Now that’s fun. Chances are, most of the people on your shopping list already have the basics covered: Droid phones, iPads, […]