Monthly Archives: January 2009

What the Verizon-Alltel Merger Means For Mobile

Note that Casey has added some additional information about this merger and its developments in recent weeks. Read this post, then jump over here to read all of the new developments and answer the remaining questions, like why we’re still seeing Alltel ads in May when the merger was completed in January. Alltel has now […]

Relevance and Relative Dates

When we put relative date operations into our software platform, I don't think anyone truly had an appreciation for how powerful they would be. They've been part of the platform for a while now, but it's interesting to see how much steam they've picked up lately with our customers and prospective customers. So, what's a […]

Direct Digital Marketing – A Pragmatic Definition

Marketing language - especially in technology product marketing - can be very obtuse. At Knotice, we do our best to avoid clichés and product descriptions devoid of meaning by making authenticity the primary principle that governs our marketing and product definitions. In an effort to authentically sum up Knotice in a simple way, we use […]

How & When to Use Facebook for Marketing

In my last post I touched briefly on MySpace v. Facebook in general. Today, I am going to focus on when and how to use Facebook as a marketing platform. So, here's the story. You have a product, service, or place of business and you need to get the word out. Your marketing budget: $0. […]

Why SMS Matters (Even More)

We've talked before about convergence and what that might mean for the mobile web. It's easy to look into one's crystal ball and declare SMS a flash in the pan, dead or dying at the hands of the iPhone and other handheld devices with robust web and email capabilities. Why would I consider sending text […]

Obama Uses Technology After the 2008 Campaign

In these days of perpetual political campaigning (how cynical!) it’s only appropriate to follow up on our other posts about President-Elect Barack Obama’s use of the Internet (linked below) during his campaign with a post about his continued use of Internet technology during his lengthy transition. It’s one thing to use technology to advance your […]

How To Classify Types of Behavioral Targeting

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a Behavioral Targeting Standards Consortium (BTSC for short) talk from Emily Riley, a senior analyst from Jupiter Research (which has now, as of January 1, been officially absorbed by Forrester Research). While Knotice isn't exclusively a targeting company (shameless self-promotion… find out about our software here), we have […]

MySpace v. Facebook… For Marketers

Coke or Pepsi? Xbox or PlayStation? ABC, CBS, FOX or NBC? Ford, GM or Chrysler? Product rivalries are huge. They drive product development and marketing plans. Let's face it, competition keeps a market healthy. So let's look at the two big social network players on the web today: MySpace and Facebook. They have normal rivalry […]

Email and Websites Working Together

Connecting the consumer's email experience with their experience on the website should be a no-brainer. But, the reality is that when prepping a campaign the email marketing department does their thing, and the website department does their thing. Sometimes the message is coordinated, and sometimes its not - and it's usually never done in real […]

Tuesday Preview

Hi all, happy Monday. We have a great post coming a little later (on Tuesday) about bringing over that old, traditional Marketing 101 principle of reinforcing the message to multi-channel online marketing. While this might seem like a bland topic to some, it's fact that very few companies are doing this online (specifically between their […]