Linking Offline Behavior through Email Receipts

For many businesses, customers are shopping and buying through their branded website, branded retail stores, or through catalogs and call centers. Trying to identify and understand customers who utilize the offline buying options has been far more difficult to track. Consider what percent of all retail transactions include a loyalty card or a coupon code. […]

A Mulitchannel View of the Customer Through Email

On Wednesday I wrote about how it’s email address that is the linchpin for linking consumer activity data across channels and devices, and integrating the intelligence of disparate business systems. Now, let’s look at some examples of how this works: Knotice’s ESP customers enjoy two unique features: When the email recipient opens the email, our […]

The Glue of Great Universal Profile Data Management

Knotice develops its platform and services to empower online marketers to better engage with their multi-channel, multi-device audiences. The foundation of better engagement with these audiences is data management, or in Knotice parlance Universal Profile Management (UPM). There are two fundamental objectives of UPM: • Utilize profile-based data management methods (online and offline attributes and […]

Profile Data Alone Does Not a DMP Make

Last week we discussed what a data management platform (DMP) solution is, and why you might need one. Since then, a few questions have come up, so I wanted to take a minute to clarify things, specifically the difference between a DMP versus a data environment that stores information as individual profiles. Let’s take a […]

Why Marketers Need a DMP

Now that you know what a data management platform (DMP) is, let’s take a look at how you can use it to enrich your customer profiles and enhance the customer experience. Once a robust DMP solution is in place, data from multiple sources comes together to enrich universal profiles within a single unified platform. No […]

Case Study Details Customer-Focused Success

The super-connected consumer lots of options when it’s time to engage with a brand. The key for marketers is to manage the exposures to increase the likelihood they’ll buy, to further enhance the relationship. Does your brand have a prominent place in the super-connected consumer’s mind across multiple touchpoints? Are you driving each digital impression […]

Independent Case Study Highlights Oreck’s Success

Just yesterday, Forrester Research, Inc. released an independent case study detailing how Knotice customer, Oreck, was able to boost ROI with more relevant, effective messaging (generating 10x more revenue on after partnering with us. Their research noted that our Universal Profile Management System allowed Oreck to create a robust warehouse of customer-centric profile data. […]

How to Create Effective Forms and Surveys

Polls and surveys are commonly used by marketers to help track trends and test campaign concepts. Done well and they can provide valuable insight. But there are some challenges: People lie; language used is often “leading” or slanted; and sometimes the person is simply telling you what they think you want to hear instead of […]

Marketing Foolishness: 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Even the smartest marketers make mistakes. So in honor of April Fool’s Day, here’s a quick list of common marketing foolishness and mistakes to avoid. Sending the same message to everyone – Relevance matters. You’ll get better results by designing your messaging around the specific traits and needs of the recipient. Define your segments, then […]

Agile Commerce Requires Agile Tools

In my post on Friday, I made reference to a Forrester report released last week entitled “Welcome to the Era of Agile Commerce” The report confirmed that your strategic marketing perspective should be less “channel” and more “experience.” To recap my comments: “Your customers are using a variety of tools to access information – more […]