Three e-Commerce Trends to Watch

Reflecting back on a week spent at the world’s largest e-commerce event, three trends become clear: Mobile, Global, and Specific. Let’s take a closer look at each, and what the speakers and leading experts had to say about them. Trend 1: Mobile Since those long lines to get that first iPhone years ago, mobile has […]

3 Interesting Things from This Week – June 7, 2013

Happy Friday! Here’s a look at some interesting tidbits from this week that you may have missed. Tablets A new forecast from IDC reveals tablets are expected to grow 55.8% year over year in 2013. What’s that mean for marketers? Tablet shipments are going to extend past portable PCs this year, and by 2015 tablet […]

State of Online Retail in 2013

A few days ago, and Forrester teamed up to release the report “The State of Retailing Online 2013: Key Metrics and Initiatives.” It’s full of great information. If you’re a member of, you can get your copy here: Here are three interesting takeaways: It’s All About Mobile Mobile is big and continues […]

Five Trends to Watch in 2012: Part 4

Consumer privacy is hardly a new trend. When I wrote on consumer privacy at the beginning of 2011, the focus was on consumer backlash against brands and marketers who take liberties with consumer data (or at least the consumer backlash against the perception of impropriety by digital marketers). 2011 was the year of the educated […]

11 Direct Digital Marketing Trends in 2011: Part 3

Over the past few weeks I have been sharing with you my crib notes for 2011, aka the 11 direct digital marketing trends for 2011. Catch up on trends 1-4 here and trends 5-8 here As I mentioned previously, I’m using discussions with customers, prospects, partners and peers, and my own research and analysis to […]