Four Essentials of Mobile Site Functionality

No other channel has had to distinguish so distinctly between function and design as mobile. Given its small screens, immediate user needs, and some of the unique sensor and computational capabilities that mobility brings to bear, site functionality can drive the perception amplification of design success or failure – even if a site is impeccably […]

More Tips for Writing Better Email Subject Lines

Email remains the catalyst of an integrated, cross-channel marketing approach, so a high-performing subject line becomes essential for ensuring those open rates. About a year ago, I wrote on this topic, sharing with you my “5 C’s”. Now let’s look at ways to make those few words even stronger. “Choose me! Choose me!” When you […]

The Creative Process: Back to the Drawing Board

Most of the time, a designer’s creative process remains the same regardless of what the project is. Web, mobile, newsletter, logo – it doesn’t matter. Everyone has a certain way of doing things. But regardless of how people work, the creative process should always start the same way – with a full understanding of the […]

Using Location-Based Tools

As you know, nearly infinite circumstances can drive mobile engagement. Smartly leveraging those circumstances to your advantage can make the difference between a half-baked effort and a business-driving, exceptional experience for consumers. Many of the world’s biggest brands – those investing heavily in mobile – have gone through the expense of building out teams and […]

Tips for Location-Based Marketing: Part 1

Marketers today are being impacted by location in ways that many would have never expected. When planning and executing mobile marketing strategies, location plays an inextricably important role. Given the fascination and hype surrounding location-based media options, check-ins, and the like, I’m leaving those targeting topics for another blogger, or at least another day. I […]

IRCE 2011: Notes from the show

The Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (aka IRCE 2011) was fantastic. Thousands of participants, hundreds of vendors, dozens of educational opportunities – it was a massive event, attracting all levels of online ecommerce participants. First, I’ll share my initial impressions below. In future posts I’ll dig into lessons learned at the sessions and on the […]

Do You Need an App for That?

Is your organization considering developing an app to effectively connect with consumers via mobile? We’ve already provided insight into the best time to introduce an app, but today I wanted to delve deeper into whether you actually need an app. The answer is both yes and no. Yes, apps can be a great way to […]

Actionable Strategies from Forrester’s Forum 2011

One of the main concepts framing many of the sessions here at Forrester’s Marketing Forum in San Francisco is that of Action. While marketers grasp thin excuses for not digging deeper into digital marketing initiatives (no budget, no staffing, no upper-management buy-in, etc.), the real issue is their fear is investing in something that isn’t […]

Takeaways from MarketingSherpa Email Summit ’11

Last week I made the trek to Marketing Sherpa’s Email Summit 2011. OK, “trek” isn’t the right word when you start in sub-zero Cleveland and land in sunny Las Vegas in the middle of winter. Below are some takeaways, cool ideas and highlights from that conference. Building Opt-in lists You may be familiar with Seth […]

No Mobile Site? Don’t Make Your Customers Angry

Reflecting on all the Holiday hustle and bustle, thank goodness the shopping trips are over. Running from this store to that, fighting the crowds of folks frantically searching for the perfect gift and the best deals. If you were anything like me, you found yourself standing in Toys R Us, staring at an empty shelf […]