When Ad Targeting Misses the Mark

Think back to the last time you made a purchase or were browsing a product online. What was the display ad experience like? Were you targeted with ads for a product of interest to you? Were you served ads that offered an upsell to a recent purchase, like a cool accessory? When done right, targeted […]

Customer Targeting is for the Dogs

These days, pets are treated more like children than animals. With the pet industry growing more and more each year (expected to be $53 billion in 2012) not only is the opportunity to target pet owners growing, the opportunity to target pets themselves is growing as well. I myself have a fur-baby, Sparty. Sparty often […]

Targeted Email: Using Display Rules in a Subject Line

Today’s consumers demand personalized targeted experiences from brands. Delivering anything less will land you in the consumer’s rear view mirror. When it comes to creating a personalized experience, many marketers use display rules to deliver targeted content for each email recipient. And through the use of live zones, display rules can be used to control […]

The Tale of True Targeting

Meet Polly. She’s been a customer of yours since 2009. She’s on your email list. She gets text messages for holiday promotions. She loves to kill time at work by shopping your site. When she’s at home curled up on the couch with her iPad, she’ll sometimes search the reviews of things she’s already bought […]

My Two Cents About Privacy Realities

The age of information has brought heightened sensitivity over privacy. And while many concerns are valid (especially those to protect children), I see a growing hysteria building over the sharing personal information of any kind. One wonders if phone companies today would be permitted to introduce the concept of a “phone book” today (a publically […]

Useful Industry News Roundup

It’s been a busy (and ridiculously hot) summer for the direct digital marketing industry. To help you keep up, here is a roundup of some of the most useful industry news from the past couple of weeks. To start things off, let’s take a look at the mobile space. Internet Retailer reports that in 5 […]

A Behavioral Targeting Roundup

Behavioral targeting has been making headlines a lot recently. With all the news surrounding behavioral targeting, here’s a roundup of resources to provide The Lunch Pail readers with a deeper understanding of issues related to the topic. The Wall Street Journal is in the midst of a series studying behavioral targeting and digital privacy called […]

A New Era of Coupon Clippers

Ah… Sunday morning. A casual walk to the corner newspaper stand or a quick drive to the corner market to pick up the Sunday paper and can check out the coupons. HA! Only if it’s still 1989. Coupon clipping is not just a Sunday morning event anymore, and your Grandma is not the one with […]

Retailer Tips – Going Beyond Grads and Dads

Retail marketers have an internal clock that never skips a beat. It starts with New Year's Day, President's Day, Valentine's Day, Spring Break, Easter, Earth Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Graduation Day...the calendar year broken out by a multitude of campaign mile markers. We're at the tail end of the 'Grads and Dads' season right […]


Do you segment your audience? Do you provide targeted content to these segments? Do you optimize content? While segmentation is an ingrained marketing practice, many marketing pros are working toward targeted online content and optimizing that content on their site. (It's important to understand that content can mean a page, part of a page, or […]