The Evolution of Direct Digital Marketing

Direct digital marketing is specifically about addressability. It’s what makes it “direct.” Two years ago, this was identified as the email address, the mobile phone number, and the web browser cookie. While that description still holds true today, the context around those addressable forms of marketing has changed dramatically, as has the importance of addressability […]

Even More Souvenirs for Marketers

Part 2 of 2 Last time, I gave you four high-value tips and trends – souvenirs from the eTail industry event last week. As a refresher, the first four are: multi-channel marketing from a data-driven platform, mindless consumer experiences, no more silos, social and mobile as key customer touch points. The list continues with the […]

Mobile, Facebook Messaging & Email Marketing

Part 2 of 2 On Monday as I recapped the Email Evolution Conference, I started with social media as one of the three takeaways from the event. To review, these three represented the three important dynamics that clearly are impacting everybody in the room. These are themes that everyone at the conference can take back […]

Social Media’s Role in Email Marketing

Part 1 of 2 The Email Evolution Conference offers the pulse of an industry, so I’ll do my best to recap the highlights based on the themes and debate-stirring topics from the sessions and conversations during this multi-day industry event. Gauging by the atmosphere, there are clearly three important dynamics that are impacting everybody in […]

Tips for Improving Customer Loyalty

Consumers have access to information and opinions about products, brands and companies from an infinite number of sources. And with the rise of social media, the power to control the terms and tone of the brand-consumer relationship has shifted to the consumer. As consumers have greater control, businesses face the challenge of transparency and consistency. […]

2010 Forrester Marketing Forum, Adapt with Data

As I mentioned in my post Wednesday, the theme of the 2010 Forrester Marketing Forum is how marketing organizations can – and should – adapt. The first keynote for the forum, from senior Forrester analyst David Cooperstein, provided the context for what adaptive marketing means. Unsurprisingly, the primary theme of his keynote revolved around social […]

Knotice’s Latest Software Release Notes

Since Knotice recently published our latest release notes to our loyal customers we are going to share a brief summary of those notes with our loyal Lunch Pail readers. This space is devoted to tips and tricks on executing great direct digital marketing, so it makes sense to share how direct digital marketing software evolves, […]

Hotels, Social, and Direct Digital Marketing

In researching an upcoming article I'm writing for Hotel Interactive about the less is more value proposition of good direct digital marketing programs for the hospitality industry I discovered a fascinating report from Forrester Research's Henry Harteveldt entitled, "Hotels Will Rely on the Web To Survive 2010." The report is a great read giving plenty […]