Easy Ways for Consumers to Report SMS Spam

In my previous blog post (3 Ways to Deal with SMS Phishing), I discussed how marketers can address the threat of SMS Phishing messages by addressing personal information concerns, being transparent and providing an educational response. These tips help marketers directly respond to various concerns, but what’s the easiest way for the consumer to do […]

3 Ways to Deal with SMS Phishing

As marketers we have become very familiar with the term phishing, a fraudulent attempt made to steal personal information. Primarily these attacks occur via email, appearing to come from a well-known organization asking for personal information – such as a credit card number, social security number, account number or password. However, as we expand our […]

Drug Store Battles Won With Mobile

Over the weekend, I realized that my prescription was about to run out and I needed my doctor call in a new one to cover another year. It’s always a frustrating process filled with automatic voice menus, long wait times and other obstacles. This time around however, my call was a little different given the […]

SMS like Teen Spirit

Text messaging can be applied in surprisingly effective and elegant ways, above and beyond pushing offers and alerts. One easy (and often overlooked) way to leverage this multifaceted mobile marketing tool is to use it for data collection and to boost business efficiency. For example, any product manufacturer can tell you, mail-in rebate redemption programs […]

More Tips for Links within SMS Campaigns

Inserting links within text messages gives marketers the opportunity to form a deeper relationship with customers. If you approach your SMS program as 160 characters only, you limit the capability to connect emotionally with your customer. As with most mobile-based connectors, one must consider the context of the action and needs of the recipient at […]

Analysis of Print Ads with Mobile: Part 1

The May issue of Wired magazine (the printed version) was of special interest to me. Within the few pages at the front of the magazine, there were 4 full-page ads (one was a two-page spread) for major consumer brands, each featuring different mobile response methods to entice readers to engage further on their smartphones. I […]

Some Useful Mobile News

The mobile space evolves rapidly. So rapidly, in fact, that it can be tough to keep up to date on the latest happenings within the space. With this in mind, I thought I’d provide a quick roundup of recent mobile news you might find useful. Consumer privacy has been a hot topic as of late […]

The Benefits of Creating an App for That

Providing consumers with a useful, relevant, app experience can have many powerful benefits. In my last post, I mentioned the risks associated with creating and deploying an app. In it, I offered ways to mitigate the risks. I also offered insights regarding the importance of leveraging a platform that can manage your content and your […]

Do You Need an App for That?

Is your organization considering developing an app to effectively connect with consumers via mobile? We’ve already provided insight into the best time to introduce an app, but today I wanted to delve deeper into whether you actually need an app. The answer is both yes and no. Yes, apps can be a great way to […]

The Importance of a Mobile Web Strategy

Morgan Stanley, Nielsen, Comscore and more agree: soon the number one way the majority of us connect to the Internet will be via mobile device. Further, research from Adobe confirms as high as 80% of shoppers prefer to leverage the mobile browser even over apps while “in the act.” First hand, we know that the […]