Confessions of a Phablet Owner

After spending many years being a loyal iPhone user, I have become an official traitor. I am now a proud owner of a Phablet and I hate to say it, but I think I am in love (sorry Apple, I still like my iPad). So now that I have made the switch and officially look […]

Phone or Phablet?

Let’s face it, getting a new phone is both an exciting and scary time thanks to technology growing at such a rapid pace. For me picking the right phone to fit my life just might be a harder decision than what I originally thought. I thought I knew exactly what type of phone I was […]

Fun Facts on Big Data

One of my favorite parts of attending thought leadership industry events like Forrester’s Marketing Leadership Forum 2012 is all the great trivia and insights you get to bring home with you. Here are a few of my favorite factoids from the event. 90% – Percentage of the world’s data created in the last 2 years. […]

Tablet Use Jumps for Email Engagement

At Marketing Leadership Forum 2012 in Los Angeles yesterday, Forrester senior analyst Melissa Parrish introduced a new expression to describe today’s highly connected consumer, the “Always Addressable Customer.” To join the AAC club, you have to frequently access the Internet from multiple locations daily, owning and using at least three different types of digital access […]

Windows Phone 7: A Developer’s Review

Do you have Windows Phone 7 yet? If not, you may want to consider checking out what Microsoft has done with its mobile platform. Since the release of WinPho7 (Windows Phone 7) they have been selling out throughout the world, including Germany, the UK and the US. Although shortages in supply have been speculated as […]

Blackberry: The Once and Future King?

As gadget junkies and those of us concerned about the mobile space evaluate the release of Windows Phone 7, I wanted to take a look at a couple stories that have made headlines recently concerning BlackBerry, iPhone and Android. First up, a recently released Nielsen study reveals just how strong the Android surge is. Android […]

Tips on Mobile Site Design

The Second in a Three-Part Series When it comes to creating an online experience viewed through a mobile device, what’s old is new again. In fact, things have come full circle. Back in the 90s when Web site design was relatively new, the mantra was content first, design second. It’s interesting how the same holds […]

Connection at the Point of Decision

The First in a Three-Part Series The concept is easy here. How do we connect a shopper in a retail environment with product information that will help them make their decision? Connecting meatspace and virtual space has been a rare jewel to be sought since the birth of the Internet. There have been some famously […]

Knotice at the 2010 Annual Summit

The end of September is just around the corner, and that means the Annual Summit is quickly approaching. This year’s Summit will take place September 27-29 in Dallas. With all the exciting things Knotice will be involved in at the event, our team is really looking forward to attending. If you’ll be attending, make […]

3 Keys to a Successful Mobile Strategy

Most marketers understand why they need a strong mobile marketing strategy. However, sometimes it can be overwhelming to understand the essence of what mobile marketing is really all about, and what elements are most important within a mobile strategy mix. This came up when I participated in a mobile marketing webinar sponsored by PRNewswire, explaining […]