Where Not to Put a 2D Code

2D barcodes: They’re everywhere nowadays. But sometimes marketers get a little bit too creative with them. Those little square codes are a great tool for providing an engaging customer experience, but no matter the best of intentions, there are just some places where a 2D code shouldn’t be placed. I asked some folks here at […]

Analysis of Print Ads with Mobile: Part 1

The May issue of Wired magazine (the printed version) was of special interest to me. Within the few pages at the front of the magazine, there were 4 full-page ads (one was a two-page spread) for major consumer brands, each featuring different mobile response methods to entice readers to engage further on their smartphones. I […]

2D Mobile Tagging Recommendation

Which technology does Knotice recommend? The answer here gets only slightly clearer. In most cases Knotice recommends Microsoft Tag, and here’s why – it’s all about the consumer. Right now, at the moment I’m writing this, Microsoft Tag provides the simplest, cleanest, and most straightforward solution for getting the tag reader application onto consumers’ mobile […]

Making Sense of Mobile Tagging

Mobile tagging is a category term for the creation and rendering of a two-dimensional bar code that is link to an online experience, accessed through a mobile device. There are two basic types of mobile tagging solutions. I will go into greater depth in a forthcoming column for the MMA, but here is a quick […]

New Mobile Statistics and Growth… By Osmosis?

Here is a fun, interesting, and surprising statistic about the growth of mobile marketing many may not be aware of: Nearly half of Americans sleep with their cell phone nearby. Superficially, this statistic likely makes sense. After all, many mobile devices do have an alarm clock, right? But, the research study, conducted by Synovate out […]

A Mobile Marketing Experiment

Last week's "Making Sense of Mobile" week was one of the more popular series of posts we've had on The Lunch Pail. We hope you all enjoyed it. To continue the fun, you can read some surprising and compelling takeaways about mobile and the best approach to mobile marketing from the previous week's series - […]

Mobile and Knotice Press Round Up

It's been a busy time here at Knotice thanks to extra attention from our friends in the digital marketing media and our recent series of posts on mobile marketing. In case you missed some of the recent posts about mobile marketing, our contributors covered many aspects, from program calls-to-action, to advanced mobile tactics, to how […]

Evaluating Mobile Calls-To-Action, Part 3

On Monday I introduced this week's topic, calls-to-action in mobile marketing. On Wednesday I analyzed the pros and cons of the two primary mobile calls-to-action. Today, let’s take an in-depth look at “QR” or 2D codes, and how the potential for success is very high. Call-to-Action #3: Using a “QR” or 2D code Caution – […]