Privacy Showdown: Microsoft v. Google

Microsoft is on the privacy warpath To get more users to defect from Google to Bing for their searching needs, Microsoft has launched the latest piece of its anti-Google campaign “Scroogled.” The first portion released last year focused on the privacy debate surrounding Google and its use of data. Now, Microsoft is going after Gmail […]

Social Sign In and the Importance of Privacy Rules

Late last week, eMarketer shared an interesting report from social infrastructure provider (and Knotice partner), Gigya. The use of permission-based social data provides a wealth of opportunities for marketers and provides consumers with the customized, personal experiences they demand. However, Gigya reports that many consumers are wary of the social sign-in function that appears on […]

Privacy Update: The Latest News

The last few weeks have seen several developments on the privacy front: everything from Google’s new privacy policy to the White House offering privacy guidelines. Let’s start with Google and its new privacy policy. Google has officially rolled out its new privacy policy despite protests from consumers and politicians alike. Announced in January, Google informed […]

Industry News & Top Stories of Q1

Spring is just around the corner (hopefully) and as the seasons change, so ends another quarter. And what an eventful quarter it has been for the direct digital marketing industry, so I thought I’d take some time to get everyone caught up on what’s been happening. Let’s start off with some Knotice news. Since my […]

Compact Privacy Policy: A Breakdown

Almost every web site you visit has a link to their privacy policy hidden in tiny type in the footer of their pages. But who reads them? Fortunately, your browser is ready and willing to jump in and make sure the privacy policies you’re encountering on the web meet your preferences for web interactions – […]

Are Flash Cookies Really Evil?

The new privacy hot topic on the web is Flash cookies. Are they really an evil plot to steal your private information and share it with the world? No, not really. But they certainly are not like regular cookies – and they can do some pretty sneaky stuff. They also are not all that new. […]