Do Not Track Updates and Resources

Phil the Groundhog may not have seen a shadow this morning in Punxsutawney, PA — but one looms over the industry with the ongoing debate about online privacy. Since its introduction in late 2010, the Do Not Track proposal by the federal government has drawn both ire and praise from marketers, consumers, advertisers and lawmakers. […]

11 Direct Digital Marketing Trends in 2011: Part 2

I began last Monday with the task of sharing with you my crib notes for 2011, aka the 11 direct digital marketing trends for 2011. As a refresher, the first four are: 1) Mobile’s impact on everything; 2) Tablets take over; 3) Tablets are not mobile; and 4) Four screens and counting. As I mentioned […]

Tips for Onsite Targeting

In most basic terms, onsite targeting is the ability to personalize the online experience using in-house data of site visitors – presenting them with content they might enjoy. The integration of real-time data in a universal profile management system is the key to effective onsite targeting. Site-personalization technology must work within the context of an […]

Which Onsite Targeting Approach Works Best?

The term "onsite targeting" is increasingly being adopted by the market. The press has done a nice job of chronicling the path of the term's adoption amongst technologists, and the increasingly warm reception to the technology from consumers. Emily Steel and Julia Angwin, writers for The Wall Street Journal, published an article last week entitled […]

Privacy Law and Direct Digital Marketing Update

The rapid evolution of direct digital marketing, fueled by an intense reliance on data quality and capture, has entangled privacy and marketing, and drawn the attention of powerful lawmakers. It is wise to keep an eye out for any consumer privacy developments on Capitol Hill - especially when the developments may have an impact on […]

2D Mobile Tagging Updated Overview

Over the last year or so we’ve devoted a few posts in The Lunch Pail to discussion of 2-dimensional barcoding. We’ve explained the basic technology framework, and how it is applied. We’ve compared these technologies to each other and compared these technologies to other alternatives for linking physical and online experiences through the mobile phone. […]

Balancing Engagement and Acquisition in Marketing

For years online retailers have had the pedal to the metal regarding customer acquisition strategies. While attracting new customers is still a primary goal for online retailers, for the first time in several years the balance between customer retention and acquisition is tipped in favor of retention. As a result, marketers must shift strategy - […]

Statistically Proving Onsite Targeting Value

As behavioral targeting continues to grow in both practice and popularity - both in onsite and network form - it is interesting to reflect on the fact that very little measurement has been done to provide statistical evidence of success. So, it is easy to see why today's eMarketer newsletter is getting some buzz. According […]

Award Winning Direct Digital Marketing

As The Lunch Pail’s Editor-in-Chief Josh Gordon mentioned earlier, direct digital marketing is garnering attention throughout the marketing industry. Companies from several different industries have shared direct digital marketing success stories and highly respected publications like 1to1 Media and Mobile Marketer have highlighted direct digital marketing’s flexibility. If you are interested in reading more about […]

Targeting Without Complexity

Without examining the various complexities of behavioral targeting it is clear to all onlookers that it is valuable to marketers. For proof, look no further than the imbalanced attention the technologies get from various government bodies and institutions. Marketers know targeting technologies help them make money, and government regulators know that marketers may abuse the […]