Privacy Update: The Latest News

The last few weeks have seen several developments on the privacy front: everything from Google’s new privacy policy to the White House offering privacy guidelines. Let’s start with Google and its new privacy policy. Google has officially rolled out its new privacy policy despite protests from consumers and politicians alike. Announced in January, Google informed […]

The Value and Timing of Google+

So Facebook is great, right? Well, besides the privacy issues… and the horrible “group management”… and the fact that the only way to follow someone is if you both mutually agree to it. Oh, and Twitter is awesome, too. When it’s up… and if the thing you want to share is only 140 characters… and […]

The Evolution of HTML5 over Flash

iPhones and iPads do not support Flash. If you ask Steve Jobs why, he will probably say something about HTML5 being open… and the future of the Web… and that Flash is proprietary… and it causes too many system crashes… and so on. So, in order for YouTube to be able to offer its content […]

Checking In: Facebook Places Demystified

Checking in… It’s not just for hotels anymore. It’s for gyms, coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and even your own house. Facebook introduce Facebook Places a few weeks ago allowing users to check into their current locations from Facebook. Some people think they may be late to the game, but there is no denying that […]

Google, Direct Digital Marketing and the Mobile Web

In the interest of objective candor, IRCE 2010 in Chicago did not hit a home run with every keynote. Some speakers, however, introduced many important concepts and advanced the dialogue of online and direct digital marketing in significant ways. One speaker on day three of the conference, Google’s VP of eCommerce, Stephanie Tilenius, rattled off […]

Predict Mobile’s Future by Looking Back

I wrote a blog post here on The Lunch Pail about Google's Android almost two years ago (June 2008). Specifically, the post was about the need for multi-tasking on mobile phones. It's nice to hear that Apple is finally making it available in OS 4.0. Given the timeliness of Apple's announcement, it makes sense to […]

Behavioral Targeting Update, Battlefield Media

Back in the middle of the summer I highlighted one of the rounds in the fight over behavioral targeting, specifically the well-organized effort by a consortium of companies to impose enough self-regulation on the more invasive form of network behavioral targeting. The seven best practices the group released were led off by The Education Principal, […]

Verizon-Alltel Merger Impacts Mobile Marketing

It is hard to believe it has almost been a year since the Verizon-Alltel merger first made the news. Over the last nine months mobile marketers (and customers) have seen Verizon become the largest wireless carrier in the country with 87.7 million customers, and AT&T − the nation’s second largest mobile carrier − grab an […]

Making Sense of the Mobile Audience

It’s Mobile Week on the Lunch Pail. Each of the week’s posts will focus on important aspects of mobile marketing. Today’s installment defines the mobile audience. Enjoy! In part one of Mobile Week on Monday I provided a high-level breakdown of the tactical channels that fall under the "mobile marketing" umbrella. On Friday I'll wrap […]

Swine Flu and the Case of the Contextual Ad

We post a great deal about behavioral targeting on the Lunch Pail under a variety of different, distinguishing banners. There’s network behavioral targeting, onsite behavioral targeting, affiliate networks, relevant content serving, and contextual digital advertising. Contextual digital advertising relies on (so-called) business intelligence to think about and serve up the best ad for the viewer […]