Technology is About Connection

As a former journalist, I find myself drawn to the “why” behind industry trends and statistics. Forgive me for sounding like a curious 5-year-old, but I’ve been asking myself some questions. For instance: Why are tablets enjoying the fastest adoption rate of any new technology in history? Why do people in a tight economy spend […]

Refining Your Approach to Digital Intelligence

Recently, the CMO of a Top 50 Retailer shared that they do have their customer marketing data stored within individual profiles, but they still can’t leverage it in a meaningful way because it’s trapped in silos. With all those profiles in separate systems (email, analytics, segmentation systems, etc.), it limits the ability to bring together […]

Email Marketing Stays Strong

A little over a year ago, many direct marketers were quietly concerned that email was on its way out. “The bloom was off the rose” as one described it. Between increasingly negative consumer attitudes, overloaded inboxes and the fact that younger consumers seem to prefer SMS, apps and social messaging, it seemed a legitimate conclusion. […]

Agile Commerce Requires Agile Tools

In my post on Friday, I made reference to a Forrester report released last week entitled “Welcome to the Era of Agile Commerce” The report confirmed that your strategic marketing perspective should be less “channel” and more “experience.” To recap my comments: “Your customers are using a variety of tools to access information – more […]

Why Mobile Matters to Retailers

Part 2 of a Series In my previous post, “Improving The Retail Ecosystem” I mentioned some of the things that make the retail channel a prime candidate for integration with the mobile channel. This is an area that has been both widely discussed in mobile circles and actively explored by some of the leading brands […]

Mobile Commerce Forum Highlights

Because I’m a mobile enthusiast, an event solely focused on how mobile is currently impacting commerce is close to nirvana for me. So I was excited to be there with the Knotice team at the Internet Retailer Mobile Commerce Forum in Chicago. Here’s a recap of ideas and trends as discussed by leaders, well-known analysts, […]

Knotice at the 2010 Annual Summit

The end of September is just around the corner, and that means the Annual Summit is quickly approaching. This year’s Summit will take place September 27-29 in Dallas. With all the exciting things Knotice will be involved in at the event, our team is really looking forward to attending. If you’ll be attending, make […]

IRCE 2010 Content Preview

One of my favorite conferences of the year is finally upon us, the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Chicago. Not only is Chicago one of my favorite cities, but few conferences are able to pull off the “something for everyone” approach like IRCE. From top level strategy to tactical pointers, this conference has content […]

May is Marketing Month

May has been dubbed "Marketing Month" by, and Knotice was requested to contribute some expert advice for's "May is Marketing Month" resource center. Josh Gordon, Knotice's Director of Marketing, got in front of the camera to provide three pieces of expert advice on online retail marketing. Mobile marketing continues to be a hot […]

Tips For Choosing an SMS Mobile Vendor

You are choosing a mobile marketing vendor (kindly referred to as an Application Service Provider - ASP - in Forrester Research’s recent Market Overview of SMS Mobile Campaign Vendors). It is a confusing process because there are a bunch of different companies with a bunch of different - and sometimes overlapping - capabilities. Try not […]