The New Gmail Inbox(es)

If you’re a Gmail user you may have noticed a sea change in your inbox of late. Gmail now has a tabbed inbox. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry – you will soon. Let’s set aside for the moment whether or not this is good for the users – I suspect it will […]

Email’s Renaissance in 2013

Mark Twain is quoted as saying, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Now email can share that same sentiment. Last week, Forrester analysts released confirmation that email is not only alive and well – it’s actually thriving. From my perspective, when you consider how people use technology today as compared to two […]

Introducing Knotice Mobile View

Today we announced the launch of a cool new tool designed to help marketers get a clear view of email audiences across device types. Knotice is known for its Mobile Email Opens Reports. Now we open that capability up to you, to use for your own campaigns. And the best part? It’s free. Knotice Mobile […]

Email Essentials over Breakfast

Ah, email. With all the articles being written about the mobility of consumers, the death of third party cookies and other tech news, it seems like the good old standby email has been overlooked recently. Even though consumer behavior and technology are evolving at a rapid pace, email remains a preferred way to communicate with […]

A Look at St. Patrick’s Day Emails

St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday. I love all things Irish, so the chance to dress up in as many Irish-themed items as possible (without getting weird looks) always excites me. Not only was I looking forward to getting dressed up yesterday, I was also wondering what kind of St. Patrick’s Day deals awaited […]

Email Marketing Resource Guides

In today’s marketing universe, two things are certain: 1) email isn’t going anywhere; and, 2) a mobile-first approach is more important than ever. If you’re working to improve the quality of your email campaigns across mobile, or you just want some useful tips to improve email open rates, we’ve just published two new guides that […]

Asking for Customer Info: A Cautionary Tale

I recently received an email from my home insurance provider asking me to fill out a brief questionnaire. Working in marketing, I tend to be slightly more receptive to these requests, but in this case, the way it was presented put the marketer in me at odds with the customer in me. How so? Let’s […]

Valentine’s Day Emails Show the Love

Retailers were spreading the love this Valentine’s Day. To get customers in the door, many retailers (and restaurants) like Starbucks and Qdoba offered special deals via email and other channels. Today, I’m going to perform a post-mortem on the Valentine’s Day emails I received. I noticed a very obvious (and appropriate) trend this year: the […]

Email List Cleaning Gets Dirty

I love email. I guess you might say that I’m an email hoarder. I study them. I save the good ones as a “swipe file” to refer to for campaign inspiration. And sometimes I actually just enjoy keeping in touch with my favorite brands. However, I’m seeing a disturbing trend. In the past few of […]

Linking Offline Behavior through Email Receipts

For many businesses, customers are shopping and buying through their branded website, branded retail stores, or through catalogs and call centers. Trying to identify and understand customers who utilize the offline buying options has been far more difficult to track. Consider what percent of all retail transactions include a loyalty card or a coupon code. […]