When Ad Targeting Misses the Mark

Think back to the last time you made a purchase or were browsing a product online. What was the display ad experience like? Were you targeted with ads for a product of interest to you? Were you served ads that offered an upsell to a recent purchase, like a cool accessory? When done right, targeted […]

What Makes Direct Display Work?

In my last post, I gave an overview of Knotice’s Direct Display capabilities. These unique capabilities stem from the equally unique qualities of Knotice’s powerful technology. There are a series of requirements to support Direct Display which Knotice – and its partners – are uniquely positioned to provide. So, what does it take to deliver […]

Direct Display: An Overview

One of the great successes for Knotice in 2012 has been the rollout of our Direct Display capability. Since our first campaigns nearly a year ago, Direct Display has proven extremely successful in improving online display ad performance for our customers, while also providing leading-edge capabilities for profile data enhancement and advanced cross-channel analytics and […]