See for Yourself: Knotice 5 Demo

Big Data = Big Headaches?

It’s here. Big data has arrived. You’ve likely seen articles popping up in industry press on the subject, ranging from “What is big data,” “Why you need big data,” and so on. It’s a natural extension of the Information Age in which we live. The advancement of technology has made data collection easier, but many […]

Refining Your Approach to Digital Intelligence

Recently, the CMO of a Top 50 Retailer shared that they do have their customer marketing data stored within individual profiles, but they still can’t leverage it in a meaningful way because it’s trapped in silos. With all those profiles in separate systems (email, analytics, segmentation systems, etc.), it limits the ability to bring together […]

Profile Data Alone Does Not a DMP Make

Last week we discussed what a data management platform (DMP) solution is, and why you might need one. Since then, a few questions have come up, so I wanted to take a minute to clarify things, specifically the difference between a DMP versus a data environment that stores information as individual profiles. Let’s take a […]

What is a DMP? Our Definition

Segmentation is at the heart of traditional marketing – getting the right message in front of the right people in hopes they’ll respond favorably to your offer. The more information you have, the easier it is to slice and dice your addressable audience to target groups more efficiently, resulting in stronger ROI. However, many marketers […]