5 Basic Cookie Questions Answered

1. What exactly is a Cookie? Tracking or browser cookies offer true convenience to the online experience. Cookies provide a way to capture a consumer’s behaviors and preferences to provide a better or more relevant experience the next time they interact with the brand. They are tiny encrypted text files used by websites to detect […]

Cookies Crumbling on Firefox, iPads

There has been a lot of talk lately on the ineffectiveness of cookies, especially in the mobile space. Add to this the recent announcement by the Mozilla team that the next Firefox will block third-party cookies by default and there is some panic settling in. So is it time to panic? Is this the zombie […]

A Mulitchannel View of the Customer Through Email

On Wednesday I wrote about how it’s email address that is the linchpin for linking consumer activity data across channels and devices, and integrating the intelligence of disparate business systems. Now, let’s look at some examples of how this works: Knotice’s ESP customers enjoy two unique features: When the email recipient opens the email, our […]

My Two Cents About Privacy Realities

The age of information has brought heightened sensitivity over privacy. And while many concerns are valid (especially those to protect children), I see a growing hysteria building over the sharing personal information of any kind. One wonders if phone companies today would be permitted to introduce the concept of a “phone book” today (a publically […]

Are Flash Cookies Really Evil?

The new privacy hot topic on the web is Flash cookies. Are they really an evil plot to steal your private information and share it with the world? No, not really. But they certainly are not like regular cookies – and they can do some pretty sneaky stuff. They also are not all that new. […]

101: Onsite Targeting is Not Banner Advertising

Even though marketing budgets are being slashed, marketers still need to improve website performance, sales, and conversions without breaking the bank. Looking at the options marketers are buzzing about, I found that there is some confusion in the marketplace about the differences between onsite targeting and banner advertising. For those of you who are relatively […]

101: Understanding Digital Cookies…Yum

I didn't know that much about cookies when I first started at Knotice. I thought they were one of two things: A scrumptious sugary treat, or something that was bad for your computer. I had to realize what a cookie actually did when it came to the online world, and the difference between the different […]