Cross-Channel Shopping This Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner, and according to an article from Internet Retailer, more and more consumers will be likely be cross-channel shopping this holiday season. In his article, Zak Stambor notes a recent report from Retail Systems Research (RSR) urging retailers to engage consumers regardless of channel. Paula Rosenblum, managing partner […]

Multi-Channel Shoppers Spend More

As Josh mentioned in his article on Monday, the online retail industry appears to be recovering from the recession. Only 12 percent of online retailers believe the economy is still a major challenge. Though the economy is not as strong as it was before the recession, there is evidence that consumer confidence has been slowly […]

Creating Relevance-Centered Marketing

Marketers are constantly working to achieve relevance in their communications to consumers. Many marketers, however, encounter obstacles when trying to implement a relevance-centered approach. Obstacles to relevance range from outdated technology to organizational barriers to even not even having a working definition of what relevance means. Since relevance is important I thought I’d provide a […]

Adjusting Mobile Campaigns While In Market

We are all human. We all make mistakes. And SMS interactions are no exception. Despite the time and effort put into planning an SMS campaign before it goes live, including trying to anticipate and accommodate possible mistakes made by the consumers interacting with your campaign, most marketers find that even after a campaign is live […]