Social Sign In and the Importance of Privacy Rules

Late last week, eMarketer shared an interesting report from social infrastructure provider (and Knotice partner), Gigya. The use of permission-based social data provides a wealth of opportunities for marketers and provides consumers with the customized, personal experiences they demand. However, Gigya reports that many consumers are wary of the social sign-in function that appears on […]

The Tale of True Targeting

Meet Polly. She’s been a customer of yours since 2009. She’s on your email list. She gets text messages for holiday promotions. She loves to kill time at work by shopping your site. When she’s at home curled up on the couch with her iPad, she’ll sometimes search the reviews of things she’s already bought […]

Mobile Expectations for 2012

2012 is nearly upon us, and with the end of another year comes a slew of predictions about what the next year will bring. Over the past year, the distribution and use of smartphones soared (as most everyone expected.) Recent research from Gartner reveals that during the third quarter of 2011, worldwide sales of smartphones […]

Content is King? Not Anymore

There’s an obesity epidemic online… the “king” is getting too fat. “Content” as King is facing regime change. Today his leaner, stronger brother, “Context,” is about to steal the throne when it comes to online marketing effectiveness. The amount of information online is growing at a mind-blowing rate. And every 48 hours, it expands exponentially […]

Tips for Location-Based Marketing: Part 1

Marketers today are being impacted by location in ways that many would have never expected. When planning and executing mobile marketing strategies, location plays an inextricably important role. Given the fascination and hype surrounding location-based media options, check-ins, and the like, I’m leaving those targeting topics for another blogger, or at least another day. I […]

Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2011

No sooner did I provide a roundup of Do Not Track news, than did Senators John Kerry and John McCain introduce a new privacy bill aimed at addressing the privacy of both online and offline data. The Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2011 calls for the creation of a set of rules that […]

What Code to Use: QR Codes v. MS Tag

Not surprisingly, there continues to be a lot of discussion in the direct digital marketing industry surrounding what kind of 2D code is the best to use for mobile campaigns. Here at The Lunch Pail, we’ve talked a lot about 2D codes. As the debate goes on about which code is best (QR barcodes vs. […]

The Importance of a Mobile Web Strategy

Morgan Stanley, Nielsen, Comscore and more agree: soon the number one way the majority of us connect to the Internet will be via mobile device. Further, research from Adobe confirms as high as 80% of shoppers prefer to leverage the mobile browser even over apps while “in the act.” First hand, we know that the […]

When to Use a Mobile Template

I’ve been quoting Marshall McLuhan that “the medium is the message” (or perhaps misquoting it), since I read it nearly 20 years ago. But I’m pretty sure I’ve got it right when we talk about when to use mobile templates for email. So using McLuhan as a starting point, what actually is the “medium” of […] The Multichannel Consumer

This year’s Annual Summit is officially underway in Dallas. One of the highlights of the first day was the opening keynote by Urban Outfitters CEO Glen Senk. Senk noted that today’s consumers are increasingly multichannel, adding that those who shop across three channels are likely to spend six times as much as consumers that […]