Changes You Can Make Once You’ve Hit ‘Send’

You’ve spent a lot of time crafting the perfect email campaign. But now that you’ve hit send, you’ve realized you need to make a tweak to the content. So, what can and what can’t you change once your campaign has been sent? Let’s take a look: Changes You CAN Make Links: If you’re using Concentri […]

Email: 4 Quick Tips Before You Send

Someone once explained that personal email is like a handgun, and the send button is the trigger. You have to be sure your message is clear and correct because once you’ve “fired off” that email, as you can’t take it back. And that was just referring to personal emails. For direct digital marketers, the stakes […]

Creating Segments with Your Data

The drive for brands to better engage across channels is in high gear – getting the right message (content, offers, options, etc.) to the right person at the right moment with seamless consistency across channels. With so many different messages targeting so many different audiences through so many different routes – having the right solution […]

From the Show Floor: Mobile Insider Summit

MediaPost’s Mobile Insider Summit never fails to provide great content and thought-provoking conversation. This year’s event in Tahoe was chock full of great advice and insight. Here are some of my takeaways from the show: It’s all about data: Data is key to both executive buy-in and the ability to optimize and scale a mobile […]

Tips for Links within SMS Campaigns

Including links within your text messages is a great way to add value to your mobile campaigns. But with the array of phones and mobile users out there, how can you be sure you’re creating an easy-to-navigate and enjoyable experience? To get some insight on links within SMS campaigns, I picked the brains of some […]

Save Time by Targeting with Live Zones

Previously, when marketers wanted to use different content to target different people, they created a variety of lists. Each list got one variation of the content. This approach accomplished the goal, but was time consuming and inefficient. Thanks to dynamic content and live zones, there’s no longer a need for marketers to create scores of […]

Fetch Content to Automate Content Management

Content Management Systems (CMS) are great. They help marketers manage a variety of content – from mobile microsites, to email, to landing pages, and more. But most content management systems are only good at delivering and hosting static content. This means if you want to update your web page, email or whatever, you have to […]

Tips for Successful A/B Testing

A/B testing is an excellent way to gain insight into customer behavior and increase conversions. With the right tools, you can create and launch an A/B test in a matter of minutes, and easily have the winning piece of content in market. It’s also possible to do all of this without bothering your IT team. […]

Using Location-Based Tools

As you know, nearly infinite circumstances can drive mobile engagement. Smartly leveraging those circumstances to your advantage can make the difference between a half-baked effort and a business-driving, exceptional experience for consumers. Many of the world’s biggest brands – those investing heavily in mobile – have gone through the expense of building out teams and […]

Mobile Optimized Email Simplified

“We really need to make sure our email campaigns render properly every mobile device – not just on an iPhone. I mean, we don’t need to invest good money and time in an email campaign that people can hardly read if they open it on their BlackBerry.” Sound familiar? You already know that more and […]