Data Management: Taming the Beast

By now we’ve all been familiarized with the latest industry buzzword – Big Data. But unlike other buzzwords, the term “Big Data” is pretty straightforward. More customers are online, doing more things and giving marketers an ever-increasing amount of data (activity, preferences, purchases, page views, posts, ect.) to work with. While it may be easy […]

The Elusive Big Data Experience

I enjoy following the latest Big Data developments and, because I work in this industry, I feel like I have a deeper understanding of how these things work as compared to the average consumer. I especially enjoy seeing how my favorite brands (and other online entities I interact with) use my information. It’s not because […]

More Big Data Questions Answered

Big data isn’t going away anytime soon. To give you some tips for getting started with the concept of big data, I chatted with Sophia Li from our actionable analytics team. Thankfully Sophia wasn’t done answering questions about big data. Here are a few more of her insights: How does Data Collection and Analysis Help […]

The Lowdown on Big Data

Big data is everywhere. It seems like no matter where you turn, someone in the industry is discussing its potential, how confusing it is, or its benefits. A recent Harvard Business Review article pointed out that just 11 percent of marketers depend on data for customer-related decisions. (The majority of marketers, it said, relied on […]

More Reasons Why Big Data Matters

Marketers are on the threshold of a new age – the age of “Big Data.” New technology enables the unification of data sources to automate the ability to understand what’s really going on with your customers. For marketers who embrace these new capabilities, data and analytics offer a key differentiator between themselves and the competition. […]

Money is in the Data, this year in Denver, brings together thousands of people interested in online retail success. From the show floor to the speakers, the ideas and energy is enough to light up the Rocky Mountain sky. Of the many sessions and keynotes heard, it’s probably not a surprise that Bryan Eisenberg was among my favorite presenters. […]

Big Data = Big Headaches?

It’s here. Big data has arrived. You’ve likely seen articles popping up in industry press on the subject, ranging from “What is big data,” “Why you need big data,” and so on. It’s a natural extension of the Information Age in which we live. The advancement of technology has made data collection easier, but many […]