Privacy Update: The Latest News

The last few weeks have seen several developments on the privacy front: everything from Google’s new privacy policy to the White House offering privacy guidelines. Let’s start with Google and its new privacy policy. Google has officially rolled out its new privacy policy despite protests from consumers and politicians alike. Announced in January, Google informed […]

April Do Not Track News Updates

There have been some new developments on the online privacy front in Washington since my last Do Not Track news update In March, the Obama administration asked Congress to pass a “Privacy Bill of Rights.” The proposed bill of rights would supposedly protect consumers from “intrusive” data gathering, a concern that is top of mind […]

Do Not Track Updates and Resources

Phil the Groundhog may not have seen a shadow this morning in Punxsutawney, PA — but one looms over the industry with the ongoing debate about online privacy. Since its introduction in late 2010, the Do Not Track proposal by the federal government has drawn both ire and praise from marketers, consumers, advertisers and lawmakers. […]

A Behavioral Targeting Roundup

Behavioral targeting has been making headlines a lot recently. With all the news surrounding behavioral targeting, here’s a roundup of resources to provide The Lunch Pail readers with a deeper understanding of issues related to the topic. The Wall Street Journal is in the midst of a series studying behavioral targeting and digital privacy called […]

Statistically Proving Onsite Targeting Value

As behavioral targeting continues to grow in both practice and popularity - both in onsite and network form - it is interesting to reflect on the fact that very little measurement has been done to provide statistical evidence of success. So, it is easy to see why today's eMarketer newsletter is getting some buzz. According […]

Behavioral Targeting Update, Battlefield Media

Back in the middle of the summer I highlighted one of the rounds in the fight over behavioral targeting, specifically the well-organized effort by a consortium of companies to impose enough self-regulation on the more invasive form of network behavioral targeting. The seven best practices the group released were led off by The Education Principal, […]

Knotice Customer Gets in the Digital Driver's Seat

As The Lunch Pail's newest contributor, I will provide updates on some of the most cutting edge direct digital marketing programs and campaigns from some of Knotice's newest customers. Today's installment involves a really cool example of onsite targeting. Classic Auto Group has taken evasive action to avoid a routine website by implementing onsite targeting […]

Behavioral Targeting’s Evolving Perception

No sooner did I report the changing consumer perception of behavioral targeting – a notable shift toward acceptance – than a new study emerged showing the exact opposite. One quick note before diving into the details: This new study, and seemingly the focus of every emerging study on behavioral targeting and consumer acceptance, is focused […]

Consumer Groups Unite to Expand the Data Debate

Last week I introduced a recent shift in consumer perception of behavioral targeting, as more consumers seem open to accepting relevant Web content - no matter how the data is collected - at both the network and safer onsite targeting levels. According to Mobile Marketer writer Dan Butcher, consumer advocacy groups have adapted to new […]

Behavioral Targeting's New Consumer Perception

A recent article from iMedia's Rich Cherecwich highlights how the swirling rumors and seeming momentum behind the ruin of network behavioral targeting will not come to fruition. Why? Web browsers do not seem to mind. With all of the storm clouds created by various consumer care and privacy groups the crumbling of the potential of […]