From the Show Floor: Mobile Insider Summit

MediaPost’s Mobile Insider Summit never fails to provide great content and thought-provoking conversation. This year’s event in Tahoe was chock full of great advice and insight. Here are some of my takeaways from the show: It’s all about data: Data is key to both executive buy-in and the ability to optimize and scale a mobile […]

Image is Everything with Online Retail

Image isn’t everything… it’s the only thing. Of course, this is a serious corruption of the classic Vince Lombardi quote on winning, but when it comes to your website and your overall online marketing presence — especially for retailers – image absolutely matters. With this in mind, I always find it interesting to see how […]

Dodgem Cars, Giant Slides and Digital Marketing

Strategists often use the abstract concept of a funnel to explain the process of consumer engagement. Marketing funnels, purchasing funnels, branding funnels, sales funnels –all help create a rational framework around something as irrational as consumer behavior. In the recent eMarketer webinar “Integrating Search and Display” sponsored by Knotice, analyst David Hallerman began the discussion […]