More Ways to Improve Your A/B Tests

Done correctly, A/B testing has numerous benefits, including better results for your email campaigns and more effective communication with your customers. As our coverage on this topic continues, here are three more things to keep in mind, to keep you from getting testy about A/B testing. Make Sure You’re Testing (and Using Results) Properly Splitting […]

Tips for Successful A/B Testing

A/B testing is an excellent way to gain insight into customer behavior and increase conversions. With the right tools, you can create and launch an A/B test in a matter of minutes, and easily have the winning piece of content in market. It’s also possible to do all of this without bothering your IT team. […]

Is "Small Ball" A Good Online Marketing Strategy?

In positive economic times, marketing efficiency is a back-burner proposition - whether we admit it or not. In positive economic times, has your organization ever said, "Let's put this revenue-generating, goal-meeting campaign on hold until we can architect a more efficient model." Mmm…I haven't heard that one yet. This is, of course, hyperbole. But, it […]

Testing: When to use What

So, you’ve decided you’d like to optimize your homepage (or email campaign, or PPC creative, etc.) and you’re not sure where to start or what your test should look like. Perhaps you want to use Multivariate testing because you need it, or because you want it. Or perhaps you are going to use A/B testing […]