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Marketing Innovation Advantages for Any Economy

Downturns in the economy can be scary for many different companies for many different reasons. Corporate fear of economic conditions manifests itself in myriad ways throughout an organization. However, the marketing department - and the marketing budget - is often hit first and hardest. Despite improvements in some key economic indicators, marketers often must find […]

More Mobile Marketing Red Tape… Still Okay?

A couple months ago, I wrote about red tape in mobile marketing. The basic conclusion was that while sometimes it feels evil, it is necessary due to the fact that the mobile delivery channel is proprietary across a few carriers and because messaging bears hard costs for some. Shortly after I wrote that, the CSCA […]

Direct Digital Marketing and Healthcare

Direct digital marketing is popping up in more and more industries, as marketers across a variety of disciplines are seeing the demonstrated value of a relevant marketing communications strategy coordinated between the email, Web, and mobile channels. The latest industry to leverage direct digital marketing for their target audience is the healthcare industry. Before exploring […]

Analyzing Behavioral Targeting Best Practices

On Monday I wrote about the need for the discourse around behavioral targeting technology, in Congress and elsewhere, to be careful not to use a broad brush when determining the best practices for the technology. Not all forms of behavioral targeting are the same (network versus onsite); therefore the same rules should not govern all […]

How to Make Software Customer Support Personal

Customer support is crucial to a company's long-term success. While this is an obvious statement, it can be difficult to see that belief manifest itself in the actions of a company. We have all had bad experiences with customer support, and we all view it differently. Some folks like impersonal forms and email loops, others […]

Happy Birthday, Lunch Pail!

Please join in wishing our humble blog, the Lunch Pail, a very happy first birthday. We could sing, but I'm sure no one wants to hear that. Instead, let's take a look at the best offerings on the Lunch Pail in the last year. Requiring our variety of distinguished digital marketing experts to publish a […]

Swine Flu and the Case of the Contextual Ad

We post a great deal about behavioral targeting on the Lunch Pail under a variety of different, distinguishing banners. There’s network behavioral targeting, onsite behavioral targeting, affiliate networks, relevant content serving, and contextual digital advertising. Contextual digital advertising relies on (so-called) business intelligence to think about and serve up the best ad for the viewer […]

More Good Economic News for E-Commerce

Last month I wrote about some good economic news for eCommerce companies, noting that "the online retail sky" wasn’t falling just yet, despite the steady stream of negative information about sales in just about every sector for the last 7-8 months. That report specifically pulled out a few sectors that did well, while others still […]

April's Top Digital Marketing Trends

Happy May Day, everyone! First things first, thanks to all the loyal readers for making April 2009 a record month, just in time for the Lunch Pail's one year anniversary this month. It was an exciting April here at Knotice (more on that later), but also in the world of digital marketing trends - many […]

What's Included in the Online Marketing Suite?

I always enjoy attending trade shows, and Forrester's 2009 Marketing Forum was no exception. From a strategic standpoint it's interesting for me to see how other competitive companies are positioning their solutions, it's nice to have the chance to chat with a few research analysts I respect, and I always enjoy a good conversation. Here […]