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Android? iPhone? Let’s Make It Interesting

“I betcha… $50.” That’s still worth something these days, right? A decent meal… a movie and popcorn for the family. That’s the bet I won on 10/1/2010 from a certain colleague-to-remain-nameless. I always pay and collect on my bets, so I kept the cash, but the satisfaction of winning is always better. The horse I […]

Windows Phone 7: A Developer’s Review

Do you have Windows Phone 7 yet? If not, you may want to consider checking out what Microsoft has done with its mobile platform. Since the release of WinPho7 (Windows Phone 7) they have been selling out throughout the world, including Germany, the UK and the US. Although shortages in supply have been speculated as […]

2D Tagging in the US

Last time (see Global Trends in 2D Tagging), I talked about 2D tagging and its popularity in some Asian cultures. I get a lot of questions from clients and prospects here in the US about how they can make 2-Dimensional Bar Code (2D) technologies work for them. While many pundits may argue otherwise, if conditions […]

Simple, Practical Direct Digital Marketing

Every so often it makes sense to roll up our sleeves here at The Lunch Pail and remind folks that while the ever-growing world of direct digital marketing can sometimes seem intimidating, there is a practical voice. After attending the NRF's conference last week and talking to some research analysts, it seems clear that there […]

iPad and Direct Digital Marketing

The announcement finally came how and when it was expected. We already knew Apple would be announcing a tablet on January 27, 2010. What we could only speculate on (or hack at with Photoshop), was what it might look like. What would the details and specs be? What will it cost? And, of course, those […]

Calling All Mobile Actions - A Survey

Everyone within the direct digital marketing industry is aware of the well-documented promise of mobile marketing, and the various functional definitions of it. While the various campaigns and programs possible under the umbrella of mobile marketing are enough for ten year's worth of articles, the key to success with mobile - or any type of […]

Mobile Shopping's Ugly Truth

It is easy to get carried away in the world of technology marketing, especially within retail. A new technology emerges, the bandwagon fills up, and the sustainability watch begins. Since mobile is the crown jewel of the emerging direct digital marketing pillars, it is interesting to see many solution providers struggling to identify the path […]

Smartphone Wars: Droid Has Arrived

The title of this article reflects what the banner ads proclaim. In the sense that "arrived" means the Droid is available, yes, definitely, they are available. In the sense that "arrived" means the Droid is coming into its own? Perhaps … if you can tell a Droid from an Android from a Chrome. The interesting […]

Making Sense of Mobile Tagging

Mobile tagging is a category term for the creation and rendering of a two-dimensional bar code that is link to an online experience, accessed through a mobile device. There are two basic types of mobile tagging solutions. I will go into greater depth in a forthcoming column for the MMA, but here is a quick […]

New Mobile Statistics and Growth… By Osmosis?

Here is a fun, interesting, and surprising statistic about the growth of mobile marketing many may not be aware of: Nearly half of Americans sleep with their cell phone nearby. Superficially, this statistic likely makes sense. After all, many mobile devices do have an alarm clock, right? But, the research study, conducted by Synovate out […]