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What Civilians Can Learn from Army Marketers

As we pause to celebrate Memorial Day and honor those who served the U.S. Armed Forces, I was curious about the military’s use of digital marketing and social media for the recruitment of new soldiers. Of course marketing a product or service can be challenging, but the idea of shaping a message so powerful that […]

Hotels, Social, and Direct Digital Marketing

In researching an upcoming article I'm writing for Hotel Interactive about the less is more value proposition of good direct digital marketing programs for the hospitality industry I discovered a fascinating report from Forrester Research's Henry Harteveldt entitled, "Hotels Will Rely on the Web To Survive 2010." The report is a great read giving plenty […]

101: A Twitter Contest, the Results

In my last post I wrote about the Twitter contest Knotice held at the Annual Summit. This was the first time Knotice used Twitter as a channel to promote the company and our direct digital marketing concept. For someone to enter the contest they needed to have one of Knotice's booth staff give them […]

101: A Beginner’s Guide To A Twitter Contest

In a previous post, I wrote about the importance and ease of utilizing Twitter in everyday business. After being on Twitter for a while now, and seeing the different ways companies are using it to promote their products and services, I find myself intrigued by a Twitter contest. I have seen a variety of different […]

Social Marketing Strategy Outside the U.S.

If a company has a social media marketing agenda that extends beyond the borders of the United States, it's good to know that their are more than just two players in the social networking game. Facebook is the largest social network in the world with 175 million active users worldwide. But, did you know that […]

How & When to Use Facebook for Marketing

In my last post I touched briefly on MySpace v. Facebook in general. Today, I am going to focus on when and how to use Facebook as a marketing platform. So, here's the story. You have a product, service, or place of business and you need to get the word out. Your marketing budget: $0. […]

MySpace v. Facebook… For Marketers

Coke or Pepsi? Xbox or PlayStation? ABC, CBS, FOX or NBC? Ford, GM or Chrysler? Product rivalries are huge. They drive product development and marketing plans. Let's face it, competition keeps a market healthy. So let's look at the two big social network players on the web today: MySpace and Facebook. They have normal rivalry […]