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Do Your Customers Want to Get Personal?

Research shows that consumers prefer to engage with brands on a more personal basis. In the last five years things have gone from retailers casting a wide net when it comes to personalization to being very precise about not only addressing people on a very personal level but also serving them the products, accessories, and […]

Get Personal with these 5 Personalization Tips

In today’s ever changing digital world, making a customer feel special and as if you really know who they are is increasingly more important. As a connected consumer, there is nothing worse than opening an email and seeing a personalization failure of epic proportions. With that in mind, here are some quick tips to keep […]

Why Marketers Need a DMP

Now that you know what a data management platform (DMP) is, let’s take a look at how you can use it to enrich your customer profiles and enhance the customer experience. Once a robust DMP solution is in place, data from multiple sources comes together to enrich universal profiles within a single unified platform. No […]

The Evasive “I-Know-You” Brand Experience

A recent column from MediaPost’s Steve Smith got me thinking. Steve writes about the importance of personalization across multiple devices (web, mobile, and more.) An interesting survey from Aberdeen recently asked 54 retailers of all sizes about the current state of their personalization efforts. The results are disappointing and, as Steve points out, not surprising. […]