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Testing: When to use What

So, you’ve decided you’d like to optimize your homepage (or email campaign, or PPC creative, etc.) and you’re not sure where to start or what your test should look like. Perhaps you want to use Multivariate testing because you need it, or because you want it. Or perhaps you are going to use A/B testing […]

Timely Messaging Is Powerful

While watching coverage of the Olympics last night (8/12) on NBC I was struck by two different commercials. One was from Visa congratulating US swimming sensation Michael Phelps on his record-breaking number of gold medals. The timing of the ad was impressive, even though the ad was probably in the can in advance of Phelps […]

Optimization Made Easy

There are a lot of definitions for optimization in the online marketing space. And, defining the word "optimization" will take a long series of posts. Instead, I want to focus on one basic aspect of optimization - testing. There are a few good tools out there today that offer their own various solutions for testing. […]