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Recent Mobile News and Statistics

A lot has happened in the mobile space since we released our latest Mobile Email Opens report for H2 2011 (check out the that report and previous ones here.) There’s been interesting data on mobile commerce, more data on mobile email, data on location-based services and more. Let’s start by taking a look at the […]

Five Trends to Watch in 2012: Part 5

In the past several days, I’ve outlined my personal shortlist of trends I’m watching in 2012. So far they are: #4 — Consumer data, privacy and preferences #3 – Multi-/cross-channel attribution #2 – Understanding multi-screen profiles #1 – Mobile and social own the conversation Finally, the fifth trend to watch in 2012 is concept that […]

Five Trends to Watch in 2012: Part 4

Consumer privacy is hardly a new trend. When I wrote on consumer privacy at the beginning of 2011, the focus was on consumer backlash against brands and marketers who take liberties with consumer data (or at least the consumer backlash against the perception of impropriety by digital marketers). 2011 was the year of the educated […]

11 Direct Digital Marketing Trends in 2011: Part 3

Over the past few weeks I have been sharing with you my crib notes for 2011, aka the 11 direct digital marketing trends for 2011. Catch up on trends 1-4 here and trends 5-8 here As I mentioned previously, I’m using discussions with customers, prospects, partners and peers, and my own research and analysis to […]

11 Direct Digital Marketing Trends In 2011

Let’s be clear… I am not a prognosticator. I’m no Jean Dixon. I am not in the business of making predictions because I have not yet learned to enjoy being wrong. But in following suit with the editorial calendar of every publication and blog known to man, The Lunch Pail asks that I either look […] The Multichannel Consumer

This year’s Annual Summit is officially underway in Dallas. One of the highlights of the first day was the opening keynote by Urban Outfitters CEO Glen Senk. Senk noted that today’s consumers are increasingly multichannel, adding that those who shop across three channels are likely to spend six times as much as consumers that […]

User-Generated Content Matters

I will guess that many of you who read this post’s headline muttered, "duh" under your breath. And, you're right. The statement is seemingly self-evident. There are very smart people, however, who are still skeptical that user-generated content matters. If you ever find yourself in an argument with a marketer who dislikes user-generated content (yes, […]

The Professional Influence Audit

Do not be scared by the word audit. Sometimes audits, in the right context of course, are a good thing because they freshen thinking and renew perspective. It makes sense to take a step back from the daily grind and constant push of a fast-paced career in marketing to review what content, and which people, […]

Trend Spotting: Direct Digital Marketing in 2010

Over the next two installments of The Lunch Pail, I will provide some foundation for two of the more promising trends in direct digital marketing. I first mentioned the recently published retail interactive marketing research from Forrester’s Shar VanBoskirk on Monday, specifically detailing the valuable roles of personalization and relevance in direct digital marketing. One […]