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Three Easy Marketing Ideas for Hoteliers

Despite unpredictable economic conditions, one truth endures for the hospitality industry – there is always room for improvement to the guest experience. Positive statements about “improving the guest experience” are a constant in marketing meetings – but how? Yes, resources are scarce, but investment in the guest experience is paramount, so an efficient and accountable […]

Who Uses Direct Digital Marketing

It makes sense from time to time here at The Lunch Pail to review not only what's happening with Knotice and how we do direct digital marketing, but also take a look at how the industry as a whole is adopting direct digital marketing. There are generally two ways to secondarily measure how important the […]

Hotels are Expanding, But Must Fill Beds

For folks who are not regular readers of the New York Times (and paying for being a regular reader online will soon be mandatory) an interesting story popped up about the ongoing expansion for hotels despite unfavorable economic conditions in the publication's business section on Monday from writer Jane Levere. At a time when seemingly […]

Hotels, Social, and Direct Digital Marketing

In researching an upcoming article I'm writing for Hotel Interactive about the less is more value proposition of good direct digital marketing programs for the hospitality industry I discovered a fascinating report from Forrester Research's Henry Harteveldt entitled, "Hotels Will Rely on the Web To Survive 2010." The report is a great read giving plenty […]

Hospitality and Direct Digital Marketing

As a growing number of companies adopt direct digital marketing as a cornerstone to the overall marketing strategy, an interesting development has occurred. While some are using email, onsite targeting, or mobile marketing as individual elements of a strategy or campaign, the greatest benefit of direct digital marketing happens when all three channels are used […]