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More Do Not Track Drama

It hasn’t even been three weeks since I last reported on the Do Not Track stalemate, and there’s been yet another blow to the stagnate proposal. The latest hit comes in the form of the resignation of Jonathan Mayer from the Tracking Protection Working Group. Apparently Mayer, who was instrumental in getting Firefox to stop […]

Is Do Not Track DOA?

Here’s something typical for Washington. Nearly 2 years after the industry/government/privacy advocates agreed to create a universal Do Not Track mechanism, it still has yet to see the light of day. What’s the problem? No one can agree on what “tracking” means. In an effort to try and get somewhere in the endless Do Not […]

Interesting Things from This Week – July 12, 2013

1. Online Behavior – Some new research reveals 45% of consumers aged 18-35 spent an hour each day online checking out retail-oriented sites. Interestingly, men were more likely than women to spend an hour each day looking for deals. What are these folks purchasing online? Electronics and sports equipment/accessories, while 50% reported researching electronics online […]

Do Not Track June 2013 Updates

Firefox is moving ahead with its plans to block 3rd party cookies. According to InformationWeek, Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich is quoted as saying the company is pushing ahead with the technology in an attempt to “change the dynamic so that trackers behave better.” The exact type of cookies the next version of FireFox will block […]

Do Not Track Hits Roadblocks

Since Microsoft announced its controversial Do Not Track feature would be turned on by default in the latest version of IE 10, there’s been much debate over whether the new feature would be compliant with the Do Not Track specifications, and its effect on the future of the internet/online advertising and marketing. Fast forward a […]

Taking a Look at Window 8’s DNT Feature

Windows 8 will become widely available in new PCs and devices this October. It’s got some radical changes in UI and will be able to run on tablet devices, like Microsoft Surface. The final version of the Windows 8 OS is finished and is now available to developers, MSDN subscribers and was sent out various […]

Summertime Marketing News Roundup

As you’re gearing up for your back to school and fall campaigns, here’s a look at some of the late summer news from around the industry that you might find useful. With the start of the school year just around the corner, a recent piece in Internet Retailer revealed that 54% of consumers prefer to […]