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6 Steps to Data Integration

You already know that your audience is savvy – people have all sorts of new tech toys with which they can engage with your brand or company from an array of devices. From PC at work, to laptop at home, to smartphone, to iPad, to Kindle, to Google TV… it’s enough to blow your mind. […]

Is Big Data a Big Headache?

If data integration is on your roadmap, you’re not alone. Most marketers are struggling with the same issues when it comes to pulling together data from across sources to better understand and reach their customers. To help you get the most from your data, join us next week for a special live webinar, “Reaching Today’s […]

Technology is About Connection

As a former journalist, I find myself drawn to the “why” behind industry trends and statistics. Forgive me for sounding like a curious 5-year-old, but I’ve been asking myself some questions. For instance: Why are tablets enjoying the fastest adoption rate of any new technology in history? Why do people in a tight economy spend […]

The Elusive Big Data Experience

I enjoy following the latest Big Data developments and, because I work in this industry, I feel like I have a deeper understanding of how these things work as compared to the average consumer. I especially enjoy seeing how my favorite brands (and other online entities I interact with) use my information. It’s not because […]

How to: Creating a Customer Focused Approach

By now, it’s obvious that we’re operating in “The Age of the Customer.” The customer has greater control over the brand relationship and marketing interaction. It’s not about you and your marketing message – it’s about giving each customer what they need, at the right moment, through their channel of choice – and looking great […]

The Glue of Great Universal Profile Data Management

Knotice develops its platform and services to empower online marketers to better engage with their multi-channel, multi-device audiences. The foundation of better engagement with these audiences is data management, or in Knotice parlance Universal Profile Management (UPM). There are two fundamental objectives of UPM: • Utilize profile-based data management methods (online and offline attributes and […]

Breaking Down the Silos: Getting Started

Retailers have made progress over the last decade trying to piece together a complete view of what’s going on with customers across marketing channels and touchpoints, but there’s clearly much more opportunity that exists to increase performance and minimize lost revenue when it comes to campaigns. If you look at recent research from Retail Systems […]

When Device Proliferation Hurts Your Campaigns

My cute husband bought me a new iPad for Christmas. Trouble is I haven’t been able to use it. Between my 13-year-old testing the new SlingBox to watch his vampire shows on it and my oldest pimping it out with way too many new apps, I haven’t had my turn yet. (No fair!) But once […]

In Brand We Trust

When you read the industry articles and news lately, much of the focus seems to center around optimization for mobile, and Big Data, and analytical strategies to increase conversions. Those things certainly are important. However, when you dim the lights and lower the volume to meditate upon a singular focus, I suggest the mantra of […]

More Big Data Questions Answered

Big data isn’t going away anytime soon. To give you some tips for getting started with the concept of big data, I chatted with Sophia Li from our actionable analytics team. Thankfully Sophia wasn’t done answering questions about big data. Here are a few more of her insights: How does Data Collection and Analysis Help […]