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Creative Prowess beyond the Playfulness

Most often than not, I like to use The Lunch Pail to focus on the fun we have in Knotice’s Creative Services department, including the time we spend during breaks, posing our stuffed animals or playing with our endless supply of toys. And our conversations built entirely around quotes from “The Big Lebowski” with our […]

Processed Juice: Getting Your Creativity Flowing

No matter what kind of position someone has, there’s going to be an element of creativity built into it somewhere. That means anyone holding a job is going to have to develop and implement some type of creative process. In general, the creative process can feel like a battle – a battle like, say, the […]

Useful Tips for HTML Email Design, Part 2

Earlier this week, I provided a couple of HTML tips for making sure your emails always look their best. As I mentioned previously, most designers building HTML e-mails understand and implement most best practices, such as avoiding large images, but there seems to be a large disconnect with some of the more subtle yet equally […]

Useful Tips for HTML Email Design, Part 1

It seems that no matter how often best practices are discussed with regards to HTML e-mail design, designers are consistently making the same mistakes. This makes things difficult for clients who make the initial review of content and other designers or testers also working with and eventually implementing the code. Most designers building HTML e-mails […]

Designing for a Mobile App vs. a Mobile Microsite

The need for companies to expand their communications base with a mobile vehicle has never been greater. A Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project survey conducted in 2009 revealed that 85 percent of adult Americans own a handheld device – with over a third of those using it for wireless Internet access. Mobile […]

Best Practices for Mobile Email Design

There’s no getting around the fact that e-mail usage has become a mainstream element of the overall mobile experience. According to numerous recent studies, daily usage of e-mail on a mobile device jumped 40 percent over the past year, with 43.5 million users turning to their iPhones, BlackBerries and other devices for their e-mail communication […]

Tips on Mobile Site Design

The Second in a Three-Part Series When it comes to creating an online experience viewed through a mobile device, what’s old is new again. In fact, things have come full circle. Back in the 90s when Web site design was relatively new, the mantra was content first, design second. It’s interesting how the same holds […]