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Fun Facts on Big Data 2013

With the explosion of information being gathered and used, it’s time to take a fresh look at even more fun facts on Big Data. Enjoy! 4.4 million – The number of jobs that Big Data demand will reach by 2015 (Gartner Research). 42% – Percentage of marketers surveyed in early 2013 who have or who […]

Marketing is Dead and a New Beast Rises

About a year ago, Bill Lee of Harvard Business Review shook things up, declaring Marketing Is Dead. The traditional role of marketing continues to erode as distracted consumers no longer pay close attention to your campaign brilliance. Traditional mix ingredients such as advertising, public relations, branding and corporate communications are now considered parts of a […]

What Marketers Can Learn from a Royal Birth

The world is a-buzz with the excitement of the Royal Birth of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby. If you think of England’s Royal Family to be a brand (which they are), consider this a new release of the product line. So as you observe the frenzy, consider these lessons we can learn from it […]

Email’s Renaissance in 2013

Mark Twain is quoted as saying, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Now email can share that same sentiment. Last week, Forrester analysts released confirmation that email is not only alive and well – it’s actually thriving. From my perspective, when you consider how people use technology today as compared to two […]

Big Data and Deer Hunting

As calls for the adoption of data-driven marketing methodologies continue, for marketers, it can be a little intimidating. I mean, you have the data… you’re already probably using your data in a limited sense to properly chunk your list into sensible groups for loosely targeted messaging and advertising. The difference between using your basic reporting […]

Tips on the Mobile Version of Your Website

Last week we launched Knotice Mobile View, a free service for marketers to track email opens across device types. According to our own data and that of all industry analysts, the number of people opening emails and engaging with brands via mobile device (phones and tablets) continues to rise. With that in mind (and for […]

Three e-Commerce Trends to Watch

Reflecting back on a week spent at the world’s largest e-commerce event, three trends become clear: Mobile, Global, and Specific. Let’s take a closer look at each, and what the speakers and leading experts had to say about them. Trend 1: Mobile Since those long lines to get that first iPhone years ago, mobile has […]

Five Tips for a Content Strategy

Back in J-School at Ohio State, my professors hammered home the point that “Copy is king.” Again, when my path went from newspapers to magazines to direct response, it was the same mantra. But 25 years later, it seems that King Copy has an heir to the marketing throne – her name is Content. Even […]

Content Marketing Mindshift

Content is the latest shiny object for marketers to embrace. Providing your customers with utility or entertaining content can help establish a more visible place for you in the hearts and minds of your audience. And because people are so perpetually connected across multiple devices and platforms, it can be tricky to push messaging out […]

Do Your Customers Want to Get Personal?

Research shows that consumers prefer to engage with brands on a more personal basis. In the last five years things have gone from retailers casting a wide net when it comes to personalization to being very precise about not only addressing people on a very personal level but also serving them the products, accessories, and […]