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Gadgets – The Most Fun Gift to Give, Part 1

Holiday shopping can be a grueling experience. Finding the right gift, in the right color and size can seem almost impossible. And, let’s face it…it’s just not a lot of fun. But shopping for gadgets? Now that’s fun. Chances are, most of the people on your shopping list already have the basics covered: Droid phones, iPads, […]

Netflix: The Company That Can’t Make Up Its Mind

Oh, Netflix. Poor confused Netflix. I was a fan and I even supported the Netflix/Qwikster decision. But now you’ve lost me. You’ve become a little too unpredictable for my liking. If you’re not following what I’m talking about, here’s a little bit of background. Back in August, the movie rental/streaming service angered its customers by […]

Review of Top Time Management Apps

The start of a new school year signals the end of a too-short summer and a return to the schedules, processes and tasks of the academic grind. There are PTA meetings, volunteer duties, extracurricular schedules, school fundraisers… on top of your existing work and life responsibilities. It can all get a little overwhelming. (In fact, […]