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Mark Winslow - Building Bridges, Connecting People

What do you get when you add 12 years of IT experience with a diverse background that includes everything from working on environmental compliance software to developing a controls system to automating the process of brewing beer? That’s easy - you get Knotice's newest Web Applications Developer, Mark Winslow. Wanting to get into a fresher, […]

Knotice Database Expert Relishes New Challenge

What do you do with a mountain of data already in your system, and a tidal wave of data coming in at the same time? You talk to Doug Bell. Bell has been building and maintaining servers for 15 years, and now he brings his considerable expertise to Knotice. From Wall Street to Main Street, […]

Emily Haase, The Voice of Knotice

If you have ever listened to our example consumer experience, then you have undoubtedly heard the work of Emily Haase. But, there is more to Emily than a lilting voice. She was with Knotice in the very beginning, and now she is back with us as a Technical Project Manager who can not only talk […]

Knotice Continues to Add Talent

To say that Brian Burns knows his stuff is a bit of an understatement. Knotice's new Director of Infrastructure and Messaging brings a laundry list of accomplishments to the table. From acting as founder and CTO of American National, to Director of IT at Bock & Clark, and Director of Technical Operations at Advanced Elastomer […]

Happy Holidays from Knotice!

First off, we'd like to say Happy Holidays to everyone out there on the Web. Everyone's getting into the spirit here at Knotice, but there is still plenty of work to be done, and we're plugging away. This year, we had our holiday party at a local organic market and restaurant called The Mustard Seed […]

Knotice Might Form A Band

I wrote earlier about our own Ron Williams and his background in rock 'n roll, but that's not the whole rocker story for Knotice. Let's face it. If you can handle the bright lights of the stage, you know a thing or two about promoting your image and reaching your fans (read: customers). That means […]

Chris Holmok: Knotice's "Geek 4 Life"

That's quite a fitting moniker for someone who has worked at software and media giants like Microsoft and MySpace. Now that he's returned from the west coast, we're proud to welcome Chris Holmok back to the Knotice family for his second tour of duty. And, you know what? He'll always be our favorite geek. What […]

More Cool Technology, Right Here In Akron

Happy Friday. As summer ends and fall begins, there are happenings all over this great state, but in our own backyard, there are some pretty big things… Remember those funny little cars from the movie Austin Powers: Goldmember? Well, if you've ever wondered what they were or where they came from, look no further. At […]

The Real Horse Power

Lesley Matt knows all about horsepower. But it’s not muscle cars or motorcycles – it’s the real thing. She’s been riding horses since she was six years old. “I got my first horse when I was nine, and started showing competitively when I was ten,” Lesley said. As the events got bigger and the competition […]

Relevance With A Bang

July Fourth is upon us, and the fireworks season is in full swing. While I was perusing the Internet for this year's hottest sky candy, I came to a realization - there really isn't any targeted online marketing for fireworks. Sure, I've gotten catalogs and direct mail ads, but not once have I been served […]